How to burn music the professional way !?


After hearing Paul comments

I wonder what are your recomendations to burn tracks to a cd the “professional way”*;
meaning that we get the best quality we can get! What software do you recomments etc

I start to rip the cd with dbpoweramp ( I had try eac but sometimes i get problems with the metadata)
I looking for a free software to burn the music to cd-ri had try somes but still dont get it. Maybe you have some good youtube video how to do it? Some pay software are also welcome, and advice etc


My understand is that the software matters less than the method.


  1. Burn as slow as you can, with all other programs off.
  2. If using a laptop, burn the CD on battery power.

These two things have given me the best burns and the suggstions came from a respected mastering engineer.

thank you George
do you know any easy software to burn the music to cd-r?

dBpoweramp is very capable, IME.

That’s what I, and a lot of folks here, use/prefer.



dbPoweramp is a great software.
I have found this package quite versatile too:


yes dbpoweramp is so fast and i dont hear any sound difference with eac; eac i must choce bettwen many metadata that sometimes, i dont know; with dbpoweramp it come automatic the metadata of the cd.

Ps.i had a old cdburner thats why i could not burn the Music with many free softwares, so i bought a new cdburner and there i get Free power2go burning software, and is great! the i can use slow burning metod. Amazing that the Music played in ny 200dollars cd player sound better or almost no difference at all Than played with my 200 dollars dac!!

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I thought dbpoweramp use or is the same platform as EAC.

I use CDBurnerXP. It’s free and lets you burn at slower speeds if you change the settings.

eac use 10 days free some special metadata probider (i dont remember the name) i use dbpoweramp premium and is there for free it looks automatic all the metadatas probider for the best that match the cd :smiley:

thanks for the info
Ps. cyberlink power2go burnsoftware is also so easy to use.

I also use dbPoweramp very succesfully. I do my ripping with this software also.

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