How to check regenerator is working?

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As per subject, is there any definite way to check that regenerator is working and not in pass through?

I own older P3 and reason I am asking, I no longer notice sonic difference between multiwave (MW) and not. Additionally, in the past MW mode used to show drop in wattage, but now both modes show same consumption. When toggling between the two, I notice a temporary wattage drop, but it returns to same value. In other words, both modes show same consumption. To be precise, MW mode showed about 100W consumption and normal about 120W idling.

However, when I login to the web interface, I do see THD out lower than in. Still not sure it works correctly as before. Could someone please advise?

Thanks in advance

I am one who never noticed any difference with MW vs. not on the old P3. It could be either that our power and/or gear does not benefit from it, or that we can’t hear it, or both. I found not worrying about it to be the best solution. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Plus 1 on what Mr Beef said.
I never hear a difference on my P20; probably my ears.
But I would think the easiest way to know if your regenerator is regenerating would be to plug your gear into the wall and listen for a difference.

Rereading the first question, which seem separate from the MW question - I don’t recall the P3 having a “passthrough”…I believe it is either off or on. Only way to test that it is having a benefit would be removing it, listening to some familiar tracks, and reinstalling it, as Ron wrote.

Thanks for replies. I actually always used to hear the difference, it is the mid/upper range that it was most noticeable at, perhaps a little tighter on bass. There is absolutely no difference now for some reason. I have quite resolving tri-amped system, always preferred the MW mode. Generally, I was quite happy with the sound, but recently it is missing something. Bit edgy, not so full bodied. No difference in MW and Sine modes. When adjusting the voltage, the consumption goes up too, so I guess it is working, if it is measured and not estimated.

Sorry for confusion. It’s just how these regenerators are made, when regenerator dies, they continue working simply passing through the mains unaltered. It’s not easy to tell if regenerator is still alive - some people report THD out is higher than in, but in my case it seems out is still lower.

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When regenerators fail the outgoing THD is not longer lower than incoming, and can be higher. Given the THD in/out is as it should be I expect everything is fine. Is the outgoing THD lower than the incoming by roughly a factor of 10?

I suggest fully turning the unit off (switch in the back) and unplugging it for a bit. This refresh may make a difference.

I can’t quite recall numbers from the past. I noticed, that in MW THD always looked higher than in Sine mode. At the moment THD does not change when toggling modes. THD in is 2.3 and out is 0.7, I think these numbers are same as before, except that modes do not change anything anymore.

Also did the power cycle, no change.
Can’t recall so many LEDs being on in the past, the logic board has 4 always on on standby and regenerator has 2 (3 when fan is on). Also there was a very pronounced hiss before, but I barely hear it now.

Time for an SP3! :laughing:

It appears a call to PS Audio is in order. They may be able to provide more guidance.

.7 for THD out seems high. specially with in only being 2.3. Are you able to tell what voltage in vs out is?

I stretched out a lot for P3 hehe. It takes me very long to get the sound I want and while P3 is not perfect, it brought some consistency to the sound. I had change a lot of things to re-balance the system after introducing the P3. I’m only upset I’ve lost the magic for whatever reason and will take ages to get the system sound right again!

I’ve never seen THD lower than 0.6-0.7, always thought it is simply “lower” end P3. I think it was jumping to 0.9 when in MW mode. Voltage in is between 229-237 depending on the time, voltage out is set to 235 onthe unit, and 237 measured. It changes as I adjust it on the unit, within about 2-3V discrepancy. Ah and voltage in is 231V at a time of measuring.

Actually appreciate all the responses so far, great to see such reaction. Thanks a lot, almost feel sorry for troubling so many people on weekend!

I have a P15 that is less that month old. If MW was enabled before turning it off, upon switching it on, THD out stays higher than THD in for a while. I have developed the habit making sure it is on Sine Wave before switching it off, or before turning certain outlets off. The last time this happened 0.4 in was sent as 1.3 out. So, I put the P15 in Sine as it seems MW is not for my mains. The sonic improvements are still clearly audible with regenerator vs without. Edit: my voltage could drop to 227v or jump to 237v, so I opted for higher regulation rather than less distortion.

That is interesting. I may try that. Though I can’t see myself not forgetting to do it every time. My system has a valve preamp, that needs a minute to warm up before power amps can be switched on and PP is brilliant at providing required delays and also proper shut down sequence.

Interesting. Someone told me valve amps sound better if we regulate the voltage more accurately.

OK, if you’re able adjust the voltage out then it should be working. If it’s dead or the regen assembly has kicked the bucket, THD wouldn’t be lower than what’s coming in and voltage out would be about the same as what’s coming in. MW can be extremely subtle in systems. Some say it has profound impacts on their system while others say the feature must not work as they hear no change at all.

FWIW, I always use MW on my P15 and strength 4 is the sweet spot.


Ok, thanks again for all replies. I guess it is working, so, perhaps, I need to look elsewhere what may have changed. Too many variables out there. I kinda like having less adjustments, as they woud drive me insane. The system is very simple and direct, ears are quite critical - nothing goes unnoticed :slight_smile:

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