How to know it's really streaming hi-res audio?

I have an Apple Music subscription and I’ve set it to stream lossless into my iMac. It says it can produce up to 24-bit/192K. Is there any way to determine what resolution is actually getting to my DAC, which can handle a range of protocols? My connection is pretty speedy, but is this anything like video streaming where the system can adjust on-the-fly if the bandwidth changes? Do other streaming services guarantee their resolution? Do these platforms use buffering to deal with this?

Roon has a purple button you can push that tells you exactly what you are getting. No Roon? Many DACs report what they are receiving. No DAC, hopefully the music software has an info or properties button.


Thanks for the reply. No Roon, but I have a good DAC (Schiit), but it has no reporting of what it’s getting. Apple Music (local client) can analyze a file, but I don’t think it can do it for an incoming stream. More searching is warranted.

Even better Roon feature you can enable to show track format continuous below album cover on a played song by enabling through settings menu on upper right navigation bar.

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which model of Schitt DAC do you have?

I dont think the music streaming services do any adjustment - I use Qobuz and Tidal and always get full resolution. Maybe the audio-midi setup tool in utilities on the Mac will tell you what your DAC is getting / capable of.

It’s the Lyr, with Multibit, which seems as though is no longer an option to add.

maybe your question could be answered by Apple?