Streaming iTunes High Resolution to the DS DAC

I have a new iMac (2022) connection to my network with WiFi. I was curious on how to get the High Resolution iTunes files to stream to my PS Audio DAC, a DirectStream with Bridge II. The computer is too far for laying cables, so I was hoping to stream from the computer over my network to the DAC. I can do it easily with Roon, playing Tidal, with the ethernet cable coming from the router.

In other words: How can I make my PS Audio Direcstream a “Airplay” device that can actually render High Resolution files?

My apologies if this has been reviewed in the past. Searching the forum data base has been unfruitful.

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What you need is something that will relay AirPlay input to the USB output. I can’t think of something like that of the bat. One could rig up an RPi to do that but requires some custom programming.

Not aware of an Airplay repeater either. Seems like a question for the Apple forum

Hi - I could use a bit more clarity on what you are trying to do. Are you saying that you have a collection of iTunes files that you want to stream from your iMac to the DS?

If so, why don’t you simply add them to your Roon’s library?

Isn’t the Airplay protocol limited to 24 / 44.1 kHz or am I misunderstanding the question?

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I was hoping to stream Apple High Res to the Mac like tidal goes via Roon. Airplay 2 seems to go up 44.1 Does not seem to be possible…

It is… I was hoping to do better, but alas…

If you end up connecting a computer running Apple Music to a DAC (via cable), this article might help.

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I did hear that Paul went to Apple in Seattle. I wonder if this was a topic to review. Thanks for all the replies.

This seems like it might work somewhat to do what you want and if not just send it back.

I will give it a try. Thanks for the info!

Apple Music doesn’t work the way audiophiles want it to. The only Apple-provided way to stream music at the highest-available lossless rate without doing any SRC is to plug an iPhone or iPad into your DAC via direct USB and do your music selection directly on that device’s screen. This is the crux of why even after 30+ years of using, advocating for and supporting Apple tech at a very deep level, my own stereo is based around Roon with Tidal and Qobuz.

The LosslessSwitcher software linked above could help you build something around your Mac but it’s also USB-centric. You’d need some extra software to provide a virtual audio interface and then stream the bits to your DAC using some protocol other than AirPlay if you wanted to use networking rather than USB.

Please do take a moment to send Apple some feedback about what you would prefer. I think it’d be great if AirPlay could support lossless with auto sample rate switching for high end gear that wants to implement it. But even just having Apple Music on Mac support USB exclusive mode for a selected device and just relay the bits out there would be nice.


@dvorak well put. Part of Apple’s success, is avoiding niche use cases. Exceptions exist but I think those are becoming fewer.

I might give this a try… WiiM Pro

If you’re ok with switching services from Apple to something like Tidal or Qobuz, it’s easy. You alreadu have the Network Brfidge. Just use a program like mConnect as your controller.

I looked at that but the OP said that he wanted to connect to the DS DAC. So you need either USB or I2s. I don’t know of any airplay receiver that’ll output USB

I got the WiiM Pro. Now I can stream Loss Less from iTunes to the HIFI, in AAC. At least I can stream music from my server in the format and quality that is stored there via optical. All in all, Paul is right. A fun worthless exercise. I will be sticking with Roon with the Digital lens. Comparing Cameron Carpenter’s Toccata makes it easy to see what is what.

Thanks for the discussion.

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