Stuck at 16 bit / 44k and need help

I have a direct stream dac hooked up to a Mac mini via usb cable. When I go into the midi settings on the Mac mini and try to change to 24 bit / 96k or higher it reverts to 16/44 k . I have tried different usb jacks on the Mac mini with no change. I am running the Mac mini as a roon core. I tried to see if it’s a roon setting but do not see anything ? How can I get roon to play higher resolution files such as MQA to 24/88 or 24/96. In the roon settings I tried to set to all the different options but still get 16/44.

I’m not a Mac owner but I believe you have to disable some settings on the Mac so it doesn’t automatically change the outgoing audio. Someone here should be able to help.

I’m gonna guess you also use the Mac Mini as a roon endpoint (I do this as well)

I have a similar issue after power interruptions trying to get my DSJ to play DSD. I recommend letting Roon handle all the volume processing, I would not mess with anything in the Settings app. I find that you may need to toggle the volume settings back and forth a few times to get the sample rates switching correctly. Note: I am on Roon Legacy 1.8 w/2015 MBP

Here are my settings:

Ok I have mine set up like yours but I am still only seeing 16/44 on the screen of the DS no matter what I play ?

I think I figured out the problem . I have tidal hi fi , apparently now they have a higher tier called hi fi plus which is where you get higher res. Music. Not sure how long I have been on hi fi as I used to get the higher resolution . I may look at other streaming services also. Too bad Apple Music isnt working with roon

It’s been a while since I’ve used Tidal and forgot that was also a thing. I do Qobuz at home but would be over the moon if Roon got an Apple Music integration set up. Greatly prefer Apple Music while I’m out and about.