How to play downloaded files

I downloaded Hey Joe files but can’t figure out how to play. My system consists of Roon Core on Intel 10i7 with ext. hard disc storage(PassPort), ethernet connected to DSD bridge 2, connected to preamp/amp/speakers.
I store my ripped albums in a PassPort connected to the Nuc 10 by USB. I put the Hey Joe folder with all its file in a separate folder on the PassPort. So far, Roon hasn’t found it.

@soarsz I’ve been running Roon for 5+ years and am able to play all formats of the Hey Joe album. I have both a PSA DSD Jr and a Mytek Broooklyn DAC. I run Roon Server on a Mac Mini (late 2014) running OSX 10.14.6. The only thing you don’t describe is the O/S of the box (Intel 10i7) running Roon Core. I’m suspecting somewhere there lies your problem. Do you have other albums stored in WAV format like the Hey Joe suite? Maybe it is the WAV format that is causing you a problem, though the DSD versions are in DSF. I’d look at your system running Roon Core for compatibility issues.

Try rebooting Roon Core if you have not already.

Your database may have not updated and included your new files yet.

Good luck.

Roon only searches for new material in your file location(s) periodically. You can force a rescan if you go to the Roon setup page and click the three dots to the right of the music path. I am not near my machine now or I would send a screen shot. Hope this helps.


On the Roon screen: Settings>Storage>click on 3 dots> Force Rescan

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Thanks Michael, very helpful. If the power cycle of the Roon core doesn’t work, surely this will.

That’s the method I use whenever I want to listen to something just added to one of the storage location(s)

thanks, guys. I re-loaded the folder onto the internal storage SSD on my Nuc 10, did the re-scan trick, and now I do have access to one iteration of the album. The files available in Roon are 192khz 24bit. I’m listening as I write. Nice.
But while I’m learning, does anyone know how I would find access to the other files? In particular, I’m curious about the DSD file. Should that be available in Roon?

I have all of my files stored on a NAS that is on my network. They are DSD and PCM files. Roon finds them all. After Roon scans your network you should see the files in your library.

Here are some DSD files I have on my NAS

With the album showing on the main Roon screen you click on “Versions”. Then scroll down the page.
That will show any copies on your local library along with versions on Qobuz and or Tidal.
You can make any version the primary as you see fit. You can also “hide” versions that you dont want to see or you can make any version “primary”. It will be the default version that plays.

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Thanks all. Clicking on versions turned out to be the answer I didn’t know.

It’s always good to be able to help out. You can also click on the 3 dots by this arrow to make other choices. Again I am not at my Roon access point now but you can check it out. There is also interesting info in the “Tracks” and “Credits” tab next to Versions.