How to test the accelerometer on Servo Woofer on Infinity IRS?

Right side works and responds to tap test. Left does not.

Continuity tests OK on control cable, problem is there with 2 different servo controller boxes.

Is there a way to test/measure the operation of the accelerometer on the woofer?

For quicks you can tap the woofer with your finger. If the servo is on an working the woofer will “fight back” at the tap, meaning instead of being able to push in the woofer, it tightens up.

Turn off the servo amp and tap the woofer. It sounds like you’d expect. Low, thuddy, and loose. As you continue tapping, have a friend switch on the amplifier. Now the woofer should tighten up (like a tight drum) in response. If all that’s true the servo is working.

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Thanks Paul!

That works on the right channel but not on the left.

I checked for continuity from the servo “board” on the woofer to the plug on the speaker and it tests ok.

I wonder if there is a way to see if the accelerometer is sending info back. Whilst I wait for a new set of cables (in case the cables are bad).

I’ll swap cables later today to see if the problem “moves with the cable”