Infinity IRS v cross over settings

05-09-2017, 07:16 AM
the cross over for this speaker is very complex and has many settings to configure and it makes some rather odd changes to me. This control is for the servo woofer towers but even though it’s for them it greatly effects the mid/ tweeter towers sound as well. Over the weekend I completed installing new connectors to the woofer tiers
after all 30 plus year old push on spade connectors is not what I felt was best. They now have a set screw connnector that gives a feel for a better power transfer. Now did I hear anything no lol. But I feel better.
But this made may take the time to play with the many knobs shown. The changes were pretty dramatic
some were subtle but obvious but some changes were much more and in directions I was surprised with.
The towers have a variable cross over point that also has three bass contour settings as well. The 3 DB down point varies from 60 to 110. By moving the set point up the mids /tweeter towers appeared to be brighter
also integration of the towers was more apparent meaning I could tell when the woofers were playing more indepentant but they have more definition. Now I have no clue what is supposed to be better. It’s the purpose of this post anyone who has thoughts is very much appreciated.
I think anyone with subwoofer experience would be able to through some of there own observations.
All commnet s welcome please

One thing I would strongly suggest is cleaning any connection you can on those speakers. There are so many and over time they do corrode enough to cause a reduction in sound quality. I’d also check all the wiring for internal corrosion if it is the original. I believe they used Monster Cable and it was well known for corroding (evidenced by it turning green) over time. I believe Paul changed all his wiring out, but I was surprised when I was recently at PS Audio and the cable looked similar to Monster Cable. Not sure who made it and why he chose it, but after 30+ years it is time for something new!

Thanks for your reply.

The wire on mine are fine they are blue teflon monster cable. The crimps have all been replaced to a lug with a screw on all woofers and mids land tweeters. About ten years ago new magnets the strong ones

the entire cross over is like Paul’s as well all balanced including the amp input imp matching

I also have a new psu transformers inside cross over as well. My issue is a setup process any ideas are welcome

Can’t help on the set up, my house and wallet are too small for IRS! There is a new member who has IRS, lwschwartz, he posted recently on the Stellar amps. You could try PMing him …

Well after s few emails and some moving my huge bass bump went no where. Disgusted and beaten I got lucky and a friend returned my call for other matters. While we we’re talking I asked the question of what to do. The answer was simple but it could not be done without dsp.
and I am not doing dsp. It seems these towers create a mega bump in he middle of the room. The bump also goes up the scale as well but much less in gain.
The answer is off set the seat position. I sometimes sit at my dinning room table to the side of my seat and did notice the bass bump was gone. So how to reposition your seat for this. My room is 20 feet wide. My seat is now 5 feet from the right side with one mid tweeter tower to the right of my right woofer, it is now dead center from my seat
left woofer tower is far left and left mid tower is to the right of the left woofer tower. A very odd looking setup. If I could use dsp just for the woofer towers I would need to offset each towers phase by a few degrees so they would oppose each other. Some some really good speakers do that these cannot lol. My styatem is like new again. Imaging is good and details have gone up the bass is impactful but clean. Amazing if I only new what the hell I was doing this would be easy.
A very big thanks and blessing to GARY.

I use this measuring program.