How would you describe "organic sound"

No growth hormones or additives.


Toss in a ripe fish and I’m with ya!

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this sound



Words… oh I love words so much!

I don’t know the meaning of a lot of audiophile terms, and in my case I also need to translate them from a different language. It means that I often risk to loose a nuance, an image, a flavor that simply works in English!

Anyway, how wonderful is describing feelings! This is our reaction to music, at the end of the day! Words don’t come easy, but words themselves are the expression of our soul and the only way to communicate each others what we are feeling in our intimacy when music playback elevates our sate of mind.

I like writing (using my own language, sorry all for my sterile English) and using words to share my emotions with you, my friends! More than words, sentences, images, colors, metaphors or whatever. Writing might be an art, just like music or painting.

Be more courageous, creatives and feel free to create, invent new words, new images.

Organic? It reminds me more to something complex, naturally articulate, made from a lot of parts put together in a whole harmonic ensemble more than a single simplistic poor unique entity. Like millions of colors and atoms depicting an amazing complex image that renders an emotional impact compared to a sharp cold subject that is not able to transfer anything. In a few words: very nice!


People somehow seem to have more trouble with these terms than with terms like “black background,” which is eagerly quoted all around but seemingly not more uniformly understood than the first. Others, for no less interesting reasons, avoid to describe what they hear quite completely. We’re a weird species.

Different and subjective terms for the same tasting by different tasters on the other hand are usual, e.g. for whisky drinkers. :beers:

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I have heard MANY various levels of “Black Background”. None more black than my current setup. But I always think I am hearing the absolute blackest of backgrounds. The problem with that phrase is it can’t be measured easily. It is also subjective. So whatever. Use a term to describe what you hear and sadly, it is all meaningless to me.

The only thing I have added recently that really made me sit up and take notice is the two Synergistic Research Black Boxes. And this Paddelball. And this Thermos. And this Remote Control.

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…not only that, various folks have a basically different understanding of it, just like with „organic“. “Black background“ , when used, is simply no less meaningless to others. Even the terms „bright“ or „dynamic“ are understood differently.

It needs a few more indicators within a conversation to find out if two different people more or less have a common understanding of certain terms. Just using it without further commenting says little.


I disagree; but maybe I am alone when I opine that when someone says the music is coming from a black(er) background I immediately (think) I understand what they are reporting.

It seems to be a pretty unambiguous way of describing an aural improvement using a visual analogy. “Organic” - not so much.

FWIW/to each his own.

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Myriad words are good to describe this as long as “musical” is NEVER used.

What I perceived when reading in the forum of what you say are at least the following optional understandings:

less slight audible noise/hiss heard
better dynamic attack
more subtle fine dynamics and details
more ambient information and palpable 3D

Those are partly small differences, some might say, they mean all of it, but I’m not convinced that’s a fact. I think different levels of black background in different grades of setups show different grades of results.

What I personally hear as a result of a blacker background coming from noise avoiding measures when measures is mainly the latter…but I guess that’s what the smallest percentage of others mean.

Indeed my mileage varies…I had more problems finding out what people really mean with “black background” and immediately have an understanding of organic sound.


The music is just “THERE”, I don’t need to put an extra layer of effort to believe there is just music and the musician/s. I don’t have to think about the things audiophile regularly think about when doing critical listen. That’s when I call it organic.

I find it very mood, record and mastering dependent once the gear has gotten pass a certain level.

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The Audiophile pursuit is such a subjective, often navel-gazingly personal way to explore the musical arts that it somehow seems to be appropriate the words are fuzzy and flexible enough that many can interpret them in a certain way that may or not correspond exactly with what others “envision” but many are able to share a similar “idea” of the meaning.


I’m listening to a release* that I would say has an “organic sound,” that phrase from this thread came into my head listening to it. The recording and mastering and the playback is honest and faithful to the music, and the music is earthy and heavy . . . or light. . .grabs your attention, the medium is not what has captured you but a whole experience has been put before you.


Great way to express this lonson…

Best wishes


When I added the MUON Pro System (correctly configured) I thought the black background changed to something I first felt was a tad artificial sounding. Too black. I have since accepted it.

Do they come in silver? Silver boxes?


Crap! I have not turned on the main system for a week because I am missing a crucial piece. The 2nd system a Formation Bar/Bass just could not produce any organic sound. It sounds like poop! Wait, isn’t that organic?

We had organic chicken last night, and I swore it tasted better. It surely costs more.

We will have grass-feed beef tonight, and I wonder how grass-feed music will sound?


Ask Country Joe.

Gimme a F
Gimme a U
Gimme a N

What’s that spell?

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Organic sounds silver.