Hum in Power Plant P15

Hi. Just windered about a puzzling thing; I have a P15 in one of my setups, and P20 in another. In the P15 room, I also watch tv. When turning tv on, P15 starts to hum some seconds, then silent, then starts again. No other connected equipment causes same problem.

It dowsnt matter whether the tv is connected another directly to wall, the hum always starts when turning tv on.I have very good power cables, dedicated line for hifi, but no luck getting rid of it. Also experienced this with P20 when testing in tv room. Ive tested with P10 far from tv, but now its in middle of setup and same problem, problem is same
Anyone have any solution to this or experienced the same?

Do you have a cable tv hookup in the system?

No, tv is connected via wifi only, router for internet is upstairs…thought it might be a problem with some DC, but P15 have DC blocker, so guess it cant be that. Could it be some em interference or something from tv?

The regenerators don’t have effective DC blocking but if the noise goes away when you unplug the TV then that is your source. Can you lift the ground on the TV plug? Is the noise still there if you just plug the TV straight into the wall instead?

Humming from P15 starts immediately after tv is turned on, doesnt matter if tv is connected to other side of wall either and good distance from P15. When turning off, humming stops…its very strange

If the P15 and the other wall outlets you’ve tried are all on the same breaker then the effect would be the same. The power supply from that TV is putting noise into the circuit somehow.

What could be best solution ? Get a DC blocker or other, installed in main fuse box?

Depending on where you are you can try one. iFi makes one as does Emotiva.

No guaranty they will work as may be something in the TV’s individual power supply

Thanks alot for your quick answers and help, really appriciate it. Will have a look a those to closely:)

Van Alstine makes the Humdinger also.

Recieving a Tomanek DC-Blocker DCB-2 later today, will be interesting to see if humming will dissappear then…Will update this post later, in case anyone else ever experience this. Thanks for answers

Edit later:

Got the Tomanek, and humming is now gone. It didnt go away when tv alone was connected, but when I plugged in P15 also, it went away immediately. Cant even hear the slighest hum anymore, and im so happy its finally gone