My PW Dac is on it’s way from Tivoli Hi Fi (Melbourne) on Tue. Very excited, will be trying it against the existing dac in my HDP4 DEQX.

That’s all, haha.


Thanks Lonson, didn’t mention it is a MKII with the bridge.

Will download the manual etc and see what I need to do to get some album art happening with the dac and the transport (already have the PW CDT to mate it up with).

For some reason two posts I made here failed to appear though they were submitted and “saved.”

I don’t have a Bridge and don’t use files or have it connected to the internet, so I don’t see cover art. But you’ll enjoy that and you’ll enjoy rediscovering music in your collection!

Well it has settled in now and I love it even more.

The weird part of me also likes the fact that it is still a Perfectwave dac, haha, not many around now maybe?

It gets the mids and highs from my DEQX HDP4 via the ‘digital through’ outlet, the DEQX sends the low stuff straight to my two Ascension 12 in subs.

Alan Langford from DEQX has synched it all in on his way through town a few weeks back and it all sounds divine, am happier with my system than I ever thought I could be. Now to just listen. :)

Sweet! The PWD still kicks @ss.2guns_gif