I met the family, and they are awesome!

I have begun to dip my toes into some high end audio. My plan is to get back to my roots of two channel stereo. I have been researching many brands that will get me on my way. After watching many of Paul’s videos on YouTube I decide to look into PS Audio.

On Wednesday I visited the manufacturing site in Boulder Colorado. Paul (CEO) was there and we shared a quick greeting before Scott Schroeder (sales manager) took me on a one and a half hour tour of the facility. It was an absolutely wonderful experience. I suffered a brain injury in 2012. The residual effect are not very apparent to the public, cognitive, vision and memory issues I am still attempting to regain. Unbeknownst to Scott he was a wealth of information. He was easy to talk to, friendly and had a laidback way of explaining my questions in a manner that was easy for me to understand. I was so pleased with Scott and the tour he provided. He was gracious enough to allow me to hear the Infinity IRS V in a dedicated listening room. We spent at least a half an hour in there.

I always complete my due diligence before making any purchase. PS audio will now become my go to company for high end audio. I am also looking forward to the “coming soon” speaker selection. There business model delivers outstanding customer service, professional employees, quality products, and a trade in trade up program. All this and products that are made in the USA. In todays market this is becoming rare.

For now my system consists of a Sprout 100, Kef LS 50 and a JBL Venue 10 inch subwoofer. Upgrades are already in my thoughts. I felt this was a good way to start my quest of chasing the dragon.

In closing I would like to say thank you to all the employees I met and a special thanks to Scott.


The cool thing about selecting PS Audio for your gear is that you know it is top end and will have all the support you need. Very cool and unique company.


Welcome, mfdogman!


@Elk I think this topic should be bumped to the various experiences topic. Being an overwhelmingly good experience. It qualifies.

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“felt this was a good way to start my quest of chasing the dragon.”

Tonight when I chase the Dragon
The water wil change to cherry wine
The Silver will turn to Gold
Time Out of Mind

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