PS Audio and Awesome Customer Service and Awesome Audio

This is a review but it’s review about how FAST PS Audio is about customer service of equipment here in the U.S. Since I live only a State and a bit away (Arizona). I was expecting a week minimum downtime in my system. They received the box Thursday afternoon. Our Dog was barking at the FedEx delivery Guy this afternoon !

I signed for the box, opened 'er up, installed it back into my rig, ran Sony’s .D.C.A.C. DSP correction software ( I use it only to set levels), other than the Bose EQ, the setup is run flat into the SGCD/Preamp and I leave Filter 1 on all the time.

Well, everything is back to Awesome and the tiny buzz on the left channel has been fixed by PS Audio. You see, initially I thought it was my Dog’s Breakfast Bose EQ that was the issue. After unplugging everything except a pair of headphones, the left channel low level buzz was still there.

Having worked in Electronics Manufacturing and Engineering in my previous life (and hopefully in the future), to me this is not a big deal and not worth Bitching about.

Thanks everyone at PS Audio.

BTW, at our AZ A/V Club’s Speakerfest this weekend, I met a Gentlemen who literally has the Dream PS Audio DS, BHK, P20 setup. I’[m happy with my SGCD/Stellar m700’s. He also boasted well about PS Audio’s customer service.



PS Audio has really good customer service. I have a piece arriving there (probably tomorrow). I figured my equipment will be back in the system within a few days.

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Just remember that the complexity of the problem usually dictates turn around time. Mine was a quick fix. Very impressed.

Understood. Hope mine is an easy one as well.

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Excellent company!