Roon help . Distortion etc

Need help - I just made a roon server. I just need to hear Tidal and music files 24 - 192 - it sounds like it is getting worse lol - please send photos … as my english is not so good thanks for the help


Akasa AK-PD120-03M - power adapter - 120 Watt
Akasa Intel NUC Case Turing Fanless Support 2.5’ -
Samsung 860 QVO 2.5" SSD - 4TB
Kingston A2000 M.2 NVMe SSD - 250GB
Kingston HyperX Impact DDR4-2666 C15 DC - 32GB
Intel NUC8I7BEH Bean Canyon - Core i7-8559U

DS dac

More love Michael


An LPS feeding NUC will help. What does server use for power? Are you using USB to DAC or Bridge 2 ethernet connection.

Everything in Digital chain on LPS and good digital cable recomend Inakustik Referenz and an UltraRendu and Matrix using i2s RAL HDMI really helped clear out noise.

I have Roon on my laptop until I researched what’s best to use. then the server -net cable for hub -to Bridge 2. So I just wish the best sound for Tidal and for music files 24-192.

If I were you i’d join the Roon Community forum. Lots of tinkerers there, and I bet you could get your question answered.

That said, I think many have discussed the limitations of the Bridge II. Do you have any other way to connect your server to your DAC? Could you build a separate raspberry pi streamer and go USB/SPDIF, etc…?

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Hi Michael,

I have the same AKASA fanless case with a similar i7 NUC. I run ROON ROCK on it and it’s not only stable but sounds great as a server. I use an LPS but that won’t make your music sound terrible. Have you looked a the Roon settings to make sure that the native signal is what you’re delivering? Just in case the DSP is changing the stream?

I had an issue like this a long time ago and I had to update the Codecs that you originally installed when building your Rock server as it is not updated automatically with Roon updates. I would try this

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Thanks bro

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