I owe Dirk a public apology

I am posting this and then will lock it down. There’s been a flurry of angry remarks and posts on this forum as of late and it’s getting so they’re not fun anymore. That’s certainly never been why we started them in the first place.

First and foremost, I owe Dirk and apology. I jumped the proverbial gun and stated that the rust problem of his bottom plates was fake. That’s clearly not true and I apologize. I was told by my production chief he’d never seen anything like that and, since Dirk buys products from all over the world…well I put two and two together and F’d up.

It is certainly true we haven’t seen anything like what Dirk experienced. I have asked him to send his serial numbers and place of purchase. That’ll help us track down what was unique about these plates and how many others may potentially have this problem. I’ll report back when I have better info. From what we can tell it isn’t a widespread problem, but we shall find out.

Dirk’s a good guy and I feel ashamed having doubted him for even a moment. My head hangs in shame.

Sorry, man. You were right. I was wrong.:disappointed:

As to the forums and the demeanor of late. The idea behind PS Audio’s forums is to share, learn, suggest great music, establish community, build on the positive, let others know what we think. And, it’s supposed to be fun. Lately, it seems to have devolved into a series of angry outbursts, complaints, problems, troubles, and a few members working hard at (what feels to me) tearing down the company.

That’s not fun nor in the spirit of what we hope for these community forums. Certainly, if there are issues and problems the community can help with then, by all means, let’s share and get them on the table.

If you have problems with your products or us please let us deal with these directly. You can always email me, paul@psaudio.com. I typically am on email 7 days a week and do my best.

If the issue is something the community can help with let’s share. If it’s not then I don’t think this is the place.

Let’s keep the spirit of these forums fun. There’s enough crap in the world already.