PWT Always Broken Phase II

So, I made a post a while ago and Elk decided to close the thread down because he personally caused problems and didn’t like how the thread turned anti PS Audio.
Well, Im still having problems with my transport, so its going to get nteresting to see how
he runs his interference this time.


im jus curious at this point, if PSA can even stnd behind their product.

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Ive returned my transport to PSA twice for repairs, and both times been promised its fixed…wel,it’s not

Yeah, it’s frustrating when stuff breaks down or doesn’t work properly. Given it’s been returned for repair twice, and it still doesn’t work properly, you might come to the conclusion that it isn’t worth the effort any more and dump it for something else. Especially if it’s out of warranty. That’s the approach I took. When my PS Audio whatever broke down I got it repaired and then sold it.

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Your first thread was never closed and remains open.

I am going to close this thread however as duplicative of the first.