I2S The PC dilemma and Getting the best sound

I have been happy with my PC Matrix Element H to Matrix X-SPDIF to DAC
Cables used from AQ Coffee to WireWorld and now settled on Tubulus Concentus I2S/USB

But I’ve been reading about the Pink Faun I2S Bridge, thinking that removing USB and going I2S direct from PC to the DAC would be ideal.

Does anyone use this setup? Did you have a similar setup to mine prior? and was it worth it in the end?

If you do have the PF bridge, what clock did you end up with?

thanks in advance

I’m using a pink faun I2s bridge from my diy streamer based on an intel xeon silver cpu.

I use the base I2s without upgraded clock with a wireworld starlight 7 into my holo may kte and previously into my ds. It is powered by a farad linear ps. The sound is better than using a sablon 2020 usb cable from the motherboard.

You have to be careful which cpu you use however, there is a history of the pink faun not playing well with some intel cpus.

Thanks for that. I am running a 11th gen i9 CPU

I’ll look more into it. Just unsure if it’d make that much of a difference

I debated about the Pink Faun, but for the price, I built a Pi4 with Iancanada cards to directly output i2s to the DS - because I’m cheap.

Plus, I tried their bridge a few years ago, and just couldn’t get it to work even with a lot of back and forth with them. I eventually just returned it. Be aware though, I don’t think their product was truly fleshed out back then.