I2S to DS?


Hi PSA Team,

Just a quick question that I know Oppo BD103D output SACD DSD via HDMI, is this compatible with PSA DS I2S? Thx :-*


No, it is not. Different signals, different protocols. And… I believe that DSD over HDMI is still encrypted.



Thx wingsounds13 :-S

So it has to be convert from DSD to PCM, then digital to DS back to DSD? Which is no good I guess [-(


The options are DSD playback directly from the Oppo or DSD to PCM to the DirectStream (as soon you can get one) to be converted back to DSD for playback. Odds are that playback from the DirectStream will be better than direct from the Oppo even with the additional conversion steps inbetween. With most other DACs direct from the Oppo might be the better choice even with the 103 rather than the 105.



Most manufacturers uses DSD over HDMI decribed in the HDMI standard.

I connect my music server to my audio processor this way.

This will not work with the DS, because the implementation is proprietary PS Audio (both the protocol and electrical characteristics/pin-out differs).

This may lead to some confusions.

The implementation of the I2s over HDMI was purely of a practical nature. The I2s protocol requires short and identical lenght of the signal-carrying wires. The HDMI support this better than other type of connectors.



I wonder if this kit will work with the DS:


When your DS is placed away from your computer;

1) Install DSD driver in your PC

2) Connect Transmitter (hub) to PC USB port

3) Connect Transmitter to your existing Router

4) Connect Receiver to your DS USB port

5) Connect Receiver to your LAN Ethernet Bridge

6) Power it up

7) Configure link

8) Stream