Iconoclast TPE or OFE with DS DAC mk2?

I used a 3” TPE with great results between my mk1 DAC and my Atma-Sphere MP-1 preamp. That cable is now a bit short since switching some of the gear around.

I just received my mk2 DAC and breaking it in with a Mogami 2549 XLR that I have on hand. Could be the cable, the new DAC or lack of break-in but the top end seems a bit harsh at times. Just wondering if I should stick with the TPE-type Iconoclast XLR or consider the OFE instead?

Many Thanks!

Hi Butch…… I’ll share my experience with PSA gear/DS2 and Iconoclast XLRs.
Bottom line, call Bob and get samples of all that you’d like to compare. Their in home compare program is great.
My experience is that I compared the TPC XLRs with the OFE XLRs in all my analog connections. There was a notable difference in my system, my room, my old ears. I much preferred the OFE XLRs. To my ears, they are more real, relaxed, and balanced across the frequency range……in my room.
Again, bottom line: Call Bob, order, listen, decide.
Enjoy the journey!

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By the way, yes, the DS2 does have more information in the higher frequencies …… but, my experience is that it is accurate information…… And if the rest of the system is up to it (without unduly emphasizing treble) the additional treble accuracy is a delight.

Thanks for all that input, Calord. I appreciate it!

The top end does seem to be improving as the mk2 gets more run time, so that’s a good thing. I definitely preferred the Iconoclast TPE to the Mogami with the mk1, so it’s a bit of a forgone conclusion that I want to head back in that direction. The TPE cable would likely be fine but the added fullness of the OFE might suit the mk2 even more.

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I needed greater than 400 hours for top end to settle down with the 179 Firmware. It was brutal on poor sources. I also did some 3M AB7050HF absorber material and Audio Magic M-1 Fuse. Now it will play any source wonderfull

I run iconoclast UPOCC Gen 2 XLRs. I trialed OFEs they are better than TPC XLRs but once you hear UPOCC nothing else will do. I tried a pair of Mogami golds before racking MK2. It sounded darker than MKI modded with the Iconoclast.

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I have about 300-350 hours on my Mk2 at this point. Initially there were some bright upper frequencies but they quickly mellowed out. I have Iconoclast OFE XLRs between my preamp and amp and I am very happy with them. My advice would be to let the MK2 run for 500 hours before you sweat any other changes. Patience can be a virtue.

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The other thing is to perform ground lift adjustments for streaming inputs, outputs, and shell lift per video Paul and Ted made. Everyone’s system acts differently based on what your Galvanic Isolation maybe. I did it last night with even more noise floor drop.

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Thank you for all the input, Audio Pals!

Most of my week has been tied up with music teaching and rehearsing, but I should be able to start some heavy break in time this weekend with plenty of new cds/SACDs to spin :slight_smile:

I was very happy using the TPE Iconoclast with the Mk1 and I did notice an immediate improvement in the top end compared to the off-the-shelf Mogami Gold I had used previously (likely due to differences in capacitance). My thoughts had been that I would eventually try moving up to the OFE version…….so I’ve gone ahead an ordered a longer cable in OFE that my gut tells me should be a good choice.

I have noticed improvement in the sibilance that I was hearing on cymbal hits and hot vocals, so I think that after many hours of spinning discs this weekend I’ll hear further improvement. I expect the Iconoclast OFE will take things even further. Not likely that I’ll get too deep into tweaking, though I have liked the Orange and Purple fuses I’ve used elsewhere in the system.

I don’t know if there’s an area in user profiles to post our system, but I think listing some of it here might aid in the convo:

  • PST SACD Transport> Harmonic Technology HDMI i2s >
  • DS DAC mk2
  • AtmaSphere MP-1 tube preamp
  • AtmaSphere M60 tube mono block amps
  • ProAc Response D2 monitors
    *** awaiting the AirLens to replace Bridge 2 ***