Any Regrets in Upgrading from the MK1 to the MK2?

In anticipation of a possible Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale, I’m considering switching from my MK1 to the MK2.

I’m also wondering if it’s even necessary though because I’m using an AirLens with my MK1.

Feel free to talk me down from this ledge, I don’t mind. :blush:

What us your magic price for pulling the trigger?

There’s no magic number, I’m just wondering if there would be enough of an improvement for me to take the plunge.

You can get the the same level of improvement by doing APS Nickel Transformer and VOCM Mod. Even if you have to send in your DAC, it’s far more economical than a new DAC. That’s what I have done, and I have little desire to upgrade.


Get it, and put the APS transformers in that. End of story.


The best thing to do is listen for yourself. PSA offers a 30 day home trial - so order one and make your own comparison. I found the MK2 a significant improvement over the MK1, especially with the Massive firmware upgrade, but YMMV.

Also, don’t forget that you will get a good trade-in credit to lessen the shock to the bank account.


The only person can talk you down from the upgrade is you. The fact that you made this post almost suggest you are ready for the experience of MKII OOOZY goodness. :grin:


The flooded market of Mrk1s and then add a PS audio refurb sale :slight_smile: - which has trashed the values in the second hand market - Brutally honest sums it up pretty well .

Oh any regrets on the upgrade 2 weeks in and no regrets wanted to try the DSC DACs but unfortunatly supply issues means in Australia we wont see any until 2024 - I decided to keep my old mrk 1 for my studio…


Most importantly, he really likes the Forum. :slight_smile:


I knew in the first week that the MK2 was a BIG improvement over the MK1 even though I was very happy with the MK1. This was before Massive and although there were ticks and pops when switching from PCM to DSD tracks I had no regrets. I eliminated the Matrix and go directly to the MK2 using USB. I run the MK2 through an Aesthetic Calypso Signature preamp and I do not have any noise issues.

I doubt very much that a hot rodded MK1 would keep up with the MK2. The first thing I noticed with the MK2 over the MK1 was just a more natural presentation.

My recommendation would be that if you can afford it do it. It’s just going to get better as Ted works on the firmware, the MK1 is maxed out. The trade in made it a no brainer.


Don’t forget he can get 2400 from PSA for his MK1 I believe. But there is something to say that a fully modded V1 for say $1500 vs paying $5,600 for MKII. That is personal choice. The mods make it closer, but you do not get access to xx more years of releases for the MKII.


He is spot on

In my decision the PS audio family came into it …


I was one of the early beta testers, and I sent back DS one day after MK2 was in the system. I just could not take it out anymore.

Mine had issues too and it was sent back to PSA for examination. After it came back it sounded worse than before. But a couple weeks plus a couple software updates later it started to show its superiority over DS again. It made the streaming extremely more enjoyable than DS. The best from MK2 is its incredible resolution! I hear SQ changes more easily than before from tweaks (SQ changes from cables were huge). A single footer would alter the SQ and DS was never able to do that in my system.

With the latest software update, plus the APS Mod, I think it is untouchable in its class!

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Having listened to MK1 modded and stock MK2, there is a difference, but will be hard to say one is better than the other. Both are extremely detailed and effortless. The only reason why I’d recommend MK2 is the possibility of improvement via firmware updates. We’ve seen that happen over the years for MK1, so I expect Ted Smith to continue to squeeze out improvement for the next several years. In my own experience, all the improvements delivered by different firmware do not come even close to what the transformer and VOCM mod delivered. Those improvements were subtle at best. APS transformer/VOCM was a whole tier or two jump in my estimation.


I have no regrets in upgrading to the MKII. At the time I really wasn’t planning on buying one until much later because I was really content with the sound of my set up, and I’d recently spent a bunch of money on a new roof and gutters.

I took the plunge because the of the trade in deal PS was offering at the time. I was expecting a decent upgrade, so I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be a substantial improvement in sound quality. After playing a single CD I knew it was a keeper and looked forward to playing all my favorites late into the evening.

Shortly after breaking mine in the Massive beta was released and it provided another leap in sound quality. I was enjoying the MKII so much that I’d forgotten the best part of the MKI which, to me, was the free firmware updates.

Absolutely zero regrets for me and I should add that my set up is probably a tad modest compared to many on the forum. I considered the MKI the heart of my system so I was honestly sad to send it away. It really was my gateway into this hobby, or more specifically this level of this hobby. The MKII’s performance allowed me to gladly move on and I have not looked back.


I don’t regret buying the Mk II though I’m still paying for it. . . . I had before this an original Mk I and a Mk I modded with the Edcor transformers and the outboard analog power supply board (Farad Super3 as the power supply). I traded back the original Mk I and have kept the modded Mk 1. The Mk II is clearly better than the modded Mk i but doesn’t slay it. . . the modded Mk I is a really nice DAC that I use in my headphone system with a DMP and DVR. A definite embarrassment of riches.


I share the general consensus that the MK2 has the edge over a fully modified Mk1. The distance between them got even further with Massive and APS transformers. The potential for further improvements could, and should, widen the gap. Is the additional cost justified? The opportunity is there to try them both. You room, your decision.
After having the MK2 for a year now, I find it has no equal under $13k. Massive made this happen. The MK2 was quieter and more resolving in the onset but Massive gave it kick into the analogue realm. Thinks just sound more natural, easy, lifelike. If this upgrade is a glimpse of a long improving future, I can’t wait.


I’d say, if you know you won’t mod a Mk I, buy the Mk II.
If you know you won’t buy the TSS any time, buy the Mk II. If you’d fully mod the Mk I, may buy a TSS later and don’t need the latest sh*t in every moment…you might be able to live a while with a modded Mk I, save several k$ now and spend them later on the TSS (if you feel the constant need to rise the bar at all).


Sorry, but I’ve gotta ask what TSS stands for?

Also, does the MK1 + the AirLens come close to the SQ of the MK2?

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