Ideal PC Settings For USB Audio?

I’m streaming Tidal hifi through Audirvana to my Stellar Gain Cell DAC and am converting all files to DSD 128.

What settings on my computer (PC, Windows 10) should I change to get the absolute best sound out of it? I’m eyeing a Sonore ultraRendu someday but for now I have to stick to my PC, so I’d like to know what changes I can make (if any) to maximize performance with what I’m stuck with.

Hardware is Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, 8gb ram, Intel Core i7 @ 2.00GHz, 64 bit, 256ssd, 2 usb (1 3.0, 1 2.0), and I run it on wifi and leave the laptop plugged-in when I’m playing it.

Any thoughts/advice/recommendations?

You’re converting your files to DSD 128? What do you mean by that? Are you converting your PCM 44.1 Wavs? Why would you do that?

Bruce in Philly

Thanks Bruce. I’m upsampling pcm files played through Tidal to DSD - similar to how the Direct Stream DAC implements this.


UltraRendu is only a streamer, so you’d still need a source (server of some sort).

Yes DS Senior and Junior convert everything to 128DSD, but it’s done to improve internal processes. Converting takes more computer power and storage space.

Yes, I would use the ultra rendu to have a more ideal USB signal to my GCD instead of my pc as the direct USB source, but as it stands now using my pc as A USB source I’m wondering what settings I can use to make things sound better.

This is for on-the-fly conversion.

This is meant to reduce noise and processes in the ESS chip. DSD has a simpler path through the chip. PCM is converted to a multibit DSD format but has to go through more processes inside.