Identify Studio Speaker seen in Taylor swift’s Exile video

When viewing the ‘Exile’ video, Justin Vernon is singing at a desk with pair of twin driver speaker w side woofer. What brand and model is the speaker?

Focal makes something called the Shape Twin that looks a bit like that. Might be a Focal but a different model

Pair of MM27.


Helps to know the manufacturer … Barefoot Sound. And MM stands for MicroMain. Active monitors that sell for $10,995! They do look a lot like the Focals, thank you Google!

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Barefoot makes superb speakers.

I saw a pair in my local store in north London. Given the quantity of European monitors, they must be good.

ah thanks- I thought they resemble the kii three (kiii) design (super compact, woofers on both sides)… and it is!
from this product description…
Barefoot Sound MicroMain27 Gen2 Studio Monitors - Pair – Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center (

note to self- be fun to find a place that can demo what these sound like.