MBL mini-me Bluetooth speaker

Interesting 360⁰ dispersion Bluetooth speaker that claims to deliver 20 hz bass.

Yes and my footsteps deliver 20Hz bass as well.

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By no means am I implying an omni is equivalent to an MBL. The above are meant for a desktop driven by a low power tube amp. The price seems fair. I have not heard them. Steve Deckert tends towards hyperbole, so there’s that as well. His SET amps are a fair value IMO.


I’m sure these tiny radials are better than the one I posted above, and the price seems very reasonable.

Well the bass is “stuning” so they have that going for them. It may be 20Hz at -60db.

If you are considering something like that, I’d say give them a shot. They may be a decent partner for the Sprout. Could be interesting. They are typically partnered with Decware tube amplifiers, which have an incredibly long wait period. A build list at 1618 and they are producing 25 units monthly on average with efforts to increase up to 40-45.
My understanding is the speakers do not have such along wait list.

Edit: Revised weekly to monthly and confirmed amplifier build list backlog as of May 5, 2022 at 1618 units.

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I am a big fan of Steve and Decware. I have made the journey to his.compound in Peoria a couple of times. He is truly passionate about music reproduction and provides a bunch of high value products.


So you too have been to the chicken coop. Yes he is passionate about all things audio, and offers some very nice value oriented amplifiers, etc.


Looking for a 300B, and don’t mind a bit of a wait?

Decware 300B Prototype