If you're going to stack PSA products, isolate in between them

Went the IsoAcoustics way too (between the DSjr and the DMP). Works a treat and the Morrisons are real nice people to deal with. Will incorporate some more.

I like the PSA PowerBases (no longer in production) under my DMP and DS Sr.

I have the silver DAC sitting directly on a matching PowerBase and the black DMP sitting on a matching Power Base. These pairs are on separate shelves (not stacked on top of each other).

Since the DMP and its PowerBase are on the top shelf of the rack and I figure disc spinners are more likely to benefit from some extra isolation, I elected to go ahead and place three IsoAcoustics Orea Indigo equipment idolaters under the DMP.

Can’t say I heard much of difference vs. having the DMP rest directly on the PowerBase, but I did not spend a lot of time comparing one configuration against the other.

For the IsoAcoustic Orea fans out there: I can’t see the Indigo logo because the puck is squished just enough to obscure the logo. Does this mean I should consider adding the fourth Orea to the mix or move up in the line, in terms of the ideal weight specification? The Indigo’s are rated at 16 pounds each, I believe (the DMP is specified as 31 pounds).

Thanks all.

I currently use HRS nimbus pucks under my sources. I’m considering the HRS E1 Isolation base for my integrated. https://avisolation.com/isolation-bases/

Kinda expensive …OK, you’ve been warned.

Anyone else out their currently using or considering HRS products (audio stands,isolation bases,chassis noise reduction)?

I am a big HRS fan. Nimbus pucks are under each component with damping plates on top. Currently, I have a Stellar P3 stacked on top of my DSJr–pucks under each box and two damping plates on top of the P3. A while back, I attended a demonstration of these products by the owner/inventor using a reference level system at their dealer. First a listen without his products. Then a progressive addition of pucks and plates. There was a very noticeable improvement for each step. The big surprise was removing all the pucks and plates-except on the power conditioner. This was a major improvement on just this one component.