Ifi zen stream and dsd 256

So i have the audiophiles guide reference music downloaded in dsd 256, unpacked and on a usb stick.
My zen stream cant recognize any of the dsd 256 files, but it shows a empty folder in place of the files. (system volume)
I got some dsd 128 files as a free download from another company, they work perfectly fine.
The ifi zen stream should be able to do dsd 256.
What could be wrong?

are the 128 and 256 DSD files in the same format?
Usually the .dsf extenstion (including metadata) or less usual .dff extention (without metadata)

I think they are both dsf.

indeed, based on screenshots both are DSF, so it is not problem with file type, but rather bitrate itself, but I do not have clue why ifi can’t see them, sorry :frowning:

When i unpack the download, does it matter if i unpack it in a folder on my pc or should i do it right on the usb?

I guess its not proctected by copy rights or something like that?

Maybe try posting your question on Reddit in the iFi subreddit, r/iFiaudio. When I had an issue with my Stream a rep from iFi responded within 24hrs.

There should be no difference where are the files extracted, important is to have it in folder which is scanned by iFi.

Thanks for the advice, ill try on reddit.

My zen stream shows the folder but it only contains the empty folder ( system volume infomation )