MControl will not see DSF files?

HI, Running DSJr with Bridgell, have just downloaded the sampler from NativeDSD to have my first try with the format. Initially I downloaded DSD 128 files but could not get them to appear in my library on the MControl app. Thinking maybe 128 is not supported I got the DSD64 files of the same compilation album but unfortunately I cannot convince MControl to ‘see’ them either. Library is hosted on a windows PC in the study and has had no problem with my extensive collection ripped from my own CDs in flac or wav. formats. Would anyone know of a setting inthe app or the PC that will make thesefiles visible?



Hi Ken and welcome! Are you using “folder view”, or are you looking for the tag view? You should be able at least to see them via folder view.

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You are correct; the bridge is limited to DSD64.

I traded in my DS Sr Mk1 with the bridge towards the Mk2, so it’s been a while, but I don’t remember ever having issues accessing DSD files with any control point, including mConnect. My files are stored on an NAS rather than a Windows computer; I’m not sure what issues using a computer might entail, if any.

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Thanks for the reply…
I can see the relevent folder under the “Folder” view but when I click on it it is empty…

That’s odd. Folder View should show you everything in the same way as a file browser. Just for trying it, what server software are you using on the PC? Maybe it’s worth doing a rescan?

Thanks @tony22 , I am not sure I understand the question but the files are stored on a PC running Windows 10. There is no specific server software to my knowledge.



Hmm. I thought MControl needed to connect to some sort of UPNP/DLNA server I order to see music files on a remote device. Can you take a screenshot of what you see initially when you launch MConnect? I’m curious at what’s listed under Local Server.

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Thanks Tony, sorry for the long silence…

First ever screenshot upload… looks like it worked.
PC Ken Five Arrows: leads to my directories of stored music and I can select and play as I choose except, as reported the DSD files do not appear…

Note DSD folder empty…

Show the PC directory with the DSD files there!

I am no closer to understanding what is going on…

Looking at the size of those files it is obvious they are not complete…

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In looking at your Music screen in mConnect, it looks like something on your PC is providing the metadata to mConnect so that it can populate the different categories. What music server software do you have doing this? Even having said that, the fact that you can’t see them navigating down from Folders is odd.