IKEA Bamboo Cutting Boards

You know the funny thing is Bamboo is a junk cutting board but is sounds great!

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I blame this on your guys… :laughing:
Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 9.06.35 PM


A reasonable conclusion.

Plus, there will be the occasional customer buying one to use as a cutting board. They do great in this capacity as well.

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The IKEA bamboo board has a long time audiophile reputation. I read about it several years ago on Audiophile Style :+1:

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Yeah there is some history there. google “IKEA bamboo board audiophile” and there’s a fair amount of stuff there. Very interesting.

The boards really do well with two addtional add ons.

(1) Herbies Extra Thick 1.25 inch grungebusters underneath to decouple from stand. I used 5x.

(2) Herbies Tenderfeet under components on top of bamboo.

All in all, a big SQ upgrade with SP3 and Strata.


A friend whose system I’ve never heard—he lives on the opposite coast-- swears by an Ikea cutting board, resting on tennis balls which have been cut in half.


I like smooth handballs cut in half, no fuzz


I immediately came up with at least 6 disgusting jokes.
Sorry, it was the bourbon.


They really are not good cutting boards. You want like a “Boos” cutting board. They are fantastic for stereo equipment.

Hi all, new to the forums - this is just my third post.

Upgraded my power amps not so long ago and needed stands. Looked around and amp stands were either glorified chopping boards or crazy expensive. Ergo, off to Ikea I go. I happened to have some Clearaudio steel cones around so wanted to put those in good use.

Got two Lämplig chopping boards per amp, put some rubber mesh between them and then glued together. Sand a bit and apply a couple of layers Danish Oil to get a nicer color. Drill three holes per pair, paint, force some steel bolts through, add a sandwich of steel and rubber washers to each bolt, tighten, add the cones, place on spike bases, add amps and test drive.

Epic fail. First, the holes were not close enough to the corners so the whole thing was unstable. Second, the sound was muddy. Fix: remove bolts, fill holes, drill new holes (not much fun to drill 10mm holes in bamboo), repaint, replace bolts, add a couple of washers but no rubber this time, tighten real tight, attach the cones and retry.

Very good. Tight, defined base and very nice image. Good highs.

Quite pleased with the outcome and it’s sonically pretty good, too. I think in AUD but the total cost must have not been more than USD100 per pair (excluding the cones).



Bamboo is a pain to work with, too. Had to use my glass and tile drill bits to get through the damn thing. Destroyed several bits before I figured out how to do it. The high silica content must be really bad for the knives to use as a chopping board.

Interesting findings as I’ve changed my system. I moved from Goldenear Triton 3+ to Zu Omen Mk2.

With the Goldenear, a speaker that I would describe as having a somewhat thin midrange… the bamboo and Herbies made quite the difference filling in the body and putting a little more meat on the bone.

However, after moving to Zu… I now prefer my components directly on my stand. Any use of isolators (Herbies or IsoAcoustics) or use of Bamboo leads to a significantly dulled and less engaging sound.

The Omen’s are very revealing of everything in the system (this is enhanced or maintained by the Iconoclast speaker wire and BAV power cords). You can really start to hear the magic and the music come to life when setup is optimized.

Perhaps my change in preference has to do with the fact that most of the treble is the Omen’s is a 4 inch paper whizzer cone… while the AMT in the Goldenear may have benefited from taming the high end… the Omen doesn’t require it?

How many hours do you have on the Zu’s?

While my bamboo cutting boards are not from Ikea…I use them as a plinth under the plinth
of my spiked Focal Aria 948’s thus enabling them to be “slidden around” on a carpeted floor.
My system has not suffered for this…retaining all the sq and dynamics I like…

Might could be a solution for anyone looking to move spike speakers on carpeted flooring.

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I believe they had about 100-150 burn in at the factory and I’ve had them 30 days ballpark so I would estimate another 200 on my end.

300-350 total

The effect of bamboo was not subtle in my system with Zu. My wife was interested in comparing and she was surprised how much more open straight on the stand sounded and it was her clear preference.

I’ve had a couple pair of Zu speakers. I found that they really come alive after 400-500 hours.
They’re wonderful. Enjoy them!

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I’m using the John Boos 212 butcher blocks from Amazon. The 16x10x1 is a perfect fit for the Stellar components.

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I picked up a few of this for my amp and TT, and they seem to have helped stabilizing the center image a bit.

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Just for curiosity, have you tried what happens if you place the ISO-Pucks under the chopping board instead of the turntable feet? I placed my turntable on a Finite Elemente platform originally made for the Spider Rack which sits on top of Ceraball Spider Edition feet. I also tried to place the platform on Oreas while but the turntable prefers the Ceraballs. The outcome of the two is quite different so on different systems the Oreas might work better.