Amp Stands


Looking for a stand that can hold around 130lbs and is at least around 19" x 21.5". The amp wont fit into my current rack and I am actually worried about putting it on the floor, engineered hardwood, which to me seems like with heat the floor would eventually warp or something.

Any thoughts? not looking to get a second mortgage. I have thought about getting a piece of granite and throwing some thick felt pads under it.

Amp stands for monoblocks

I had custom slabs of synthetic quartz cut to fit under my BHK 300’s. I got mine when we were doing some renovations. I think I paid $200 for the pair. This works well and my wife doesn’t find them to be visually offensive so a good thing.



very key, the wife factor!


Kitchen fitout/cabinet shop - cut-offs from laminated or engineered stone bench tops? Stone importers?


Sanus Euro amp stands


That was my initial thought, I have done that for under my subs, I put the granite piece over a Auralex sub dude so that the bass doesn’t transmit through the floor to our bedroom on the other side of the house. Seems to do the trick. The wife seems to be happier.

Just seeing if I needed to try anything else out.


Darren, this one?


SVS iso feet work great for subs. Amps too. I put them under my PSB towers. Worked great for little money


yes. I bet black friday sales will have them a pair for 100


I like that they would allow for airflow under the amp!


I use them for my PSA 300’s


It is the right size, that is great! Thanks for this suggestion!