Importance and value of having dedicated power line for P10

I currently have my P10 plugged into outlet that has 4 other outlets on it and a light on the same 15 amp circuit, but the other outlets are very lightly used. With all my components and my Class A mono amps plugged into the P10, I am running around 700 watts max. If I am not using the full power capacity of the circuit or the P10, is there still value in running a separate electric circuit/line to feed the P10? Also, do people find than an audiograde (eg. Furutech or PS Audio electrical outlet) outlet to plug the P10 into makes a significant difference as the P10 cleans up all the power?

I have found the better you supply power to the P10 the more you’ll get out of it.

I’ve added a Furutech Rhodium wall socket and upmarket power cord and both brought improvements.

The P10 will respond to better power supply even though it’s re-generating power.

Dedicated lines can help isolate equipment from other stuff that would otherwise be on the circuit. It’s not just how heavy the draw of the other equipment but also includes how much, if any, electoral noise they generate. For example, dimmers and electric motors can be noisy. I have dedicated lines. I’d say they made a modest improvement and were worth doing. It also depends on how easy or hard (expensive) it would be to have an electrician add the dedicated line. I also found the outlet itself made a noticeable difference. I use PSA outlets. All this was with a PSA regenerator (or two), although it would have been a much earlier model (probably back to P300 and P600 days in my case). Your results may vary.