Should I use my P10-or the other dedicated outlet/circuit?

I have 2 dedicated lines feeding my audio system. My PS Audio P-10 is plugged into one of the dedicated lines. It powers my phono pre-my pre amp-turntable-streamer and my Directstream MK 2 DAC.

The other dedicated line powers my Pass Labs 250.8. Is there any advantage or sonic improvement if I plugged the 250.8 into the P10…or should I keep the amplifier on a separate circuit ?

The obvious answer is…go ahead and try it…however I’m looking for different viewpoints and other first hand experiences.

Thanks in advance for any and all opinions and view points.

In theory, the advantage (or not) would be using the P10 to power your amplifier.

If the amplifier benefits from the P10, I suspect the impact it provides would be more significant than whether the amp and P10 are on different circuits (if that is the distinction you were inquiring about).

However, you should probably just go ahead and… :slight_smile:

Good luck/have fun.

The PSA party line is the amp to P10 will sound better. It’s really up to you to decide.

I just made the switch… I’ll keep you posted.


Wow…been listening to my 250.8 plugged directly into the P10 for about an hour…

Findings- I’ve always felt Pass amplifiers were a tad polite and laid back. The 250.8 has taken on a new personality. Much more dynamic. Vocals more out in front. Absolutely more punch…Very Happy : )


Wow. What kind of thd do u have on your inbounds? I have a pair of 260.8s and am not sure if they will be too much for the p10.