Eversolo DMP-A6 Master Edition

I just discovered information concerning an upgrade for the Eversolo streamer. This website from France has some details.

Seems to include some nice parts aimed at focusing more at the high end. Frankly, I think the perfect version would be a Master Edition without a built in DAC at a price point similar to the standard version.
I will attempt to find a way to reach out to Eversolo to inquire about availability in the US. Of course I will follow up here if I get a response.


They did a fantastic job at marketing this thing. Sent to all the YouTubers and internet testers first. They are all saying great value.

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My goal of learning at least one new thing a day is again satisfied by this forum. Eversolo is new to me. I love easy to upgrade renderer/streamer products and this one offers an accessible NVME 2280 SSD slot for adding SSD storage without having to pry open the box. :+1: I like it already. The pricing in Euros and the features it supports suggests it would be a stone cold bargain were it to be available in the US market.

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I am waiting for Roon to come to Anthem for my 5.1 library. If they balk (which I swear they are going to) then I could do something like with with HDMI to my AVM70. would rather not pay for yet another device with a dac, but its till pretty cheap.

There is a forum attached to the Eversolo website. I attempted to start a thread there about the Master Edition but it wouldn’t let me. I kept getting an error message saying my post contained spam. I had included a link to the same site I linked here. I removed it and got the same message. I was hoping someone there could direct me to someway to contact the company directly about US availability.

I could really do without the screen, VU meters and the like. What excites me is the potential sound quality with the UI and app which gets positive comments everywhere. Sounds like it should be very simple to set up and operate. The reasonable price would be icing on the cake.

They have great DAC chips and a lot of excellent features in that device. It looks nice.

Right now I use jriver + fidelizer on a laptop into a matrix and onto my direct stream. I’ve been staring at the eversolo and am wondering if it would bring a noticeable sound improvement

I have terabytes of music and I have a usb hub. This product seems to be limited to 2TB of external storage ? When I get home I’m going to fiddle w my Amazon music unlimited service.

But anyway - will the streamer improve upon what I have?

It comes with a 4GB SSD and a slot to add a 2GB SSD according to that website.

I ran JRiver with Fidelizer and that is a nice place to be. It works and sounds great. I hated the JRiver interface but it’s iPod simple compared to Audirvana. Bah. That interface is rock bottom.

At the price this piece goes for and with those DAC chips inside it might replace the Directstream as well.
Do they offer a trial period?

I actually don’t believe the 2TB external limit though. I have a toaster that reads an 8TB external drive.
(Or is it a blender? I dunno)

Okay I studied. There is an M2 slot in the bottom of the thing and THAT is limited to 2TB. An external drive won’t have that limit. The review I read said the internal DAC didn’t sound as good as the writers $7K external DAC. Sure.

I might get one of these just to play with. It looks useful. Up at my lake place perhaps. Or in the garage. Fun.


The screen would seem to be a big selling point of this unit, it’s a touch screen with huge multi-functionality.

Looks to be aimed towards a broad cross-section of the market, from budget to lower audiophile.

I very much doubt they would do a streamer-only unit because little cost would be saved by excluding the DAC. It has COAX and optical digital outputs if you want to use an external DAC and for the price as a streamer only it is still a complete bargain.

This item is shipping in the UK from a local distributor, but the first two consignments are sold out. No surprise there.

I scanned a couple of reviews and it might be challenging up to about the $3k mark, possibly a bit higher. Still, great value.

Their marketing was spot on. They hit the right players and it only cost them a few units which they may get sent back…shipping? The new world we live in.

I think it’s more to do with it being a very well specified product at a fantastic price. In the UK you can send it back inside 2 weeks if you don’t like it.

Most industries have an established pool of online reviewers who don’t have to be paid because their revenue mainly comes from traffic, and their following is based on informative and unbiased reviews. I find that far more preferable to reviews purchased with adverting in magazines that usually results in a partial or complete loss of objectivity. I mostly keep clear of products sold that way.

The internet has achieved massive democratisation of audio brands, given how few get magazine reviews.

There was an earlier DAC from this brand that was very well reviewed, hence the interest online.

My plan to upgrade the digital stream in my system has been based around a new PS Audio Direct Stream MK II DAC and a high end streamer. I was planning on the MK II first in order to evaluate my present streamer before making any further moves. If I can buy a Master Edition here in the US, I am thinking I might try the DAC section in it before buying another DAC. The Eversolo comes with digital in connections so it seems worth a audition.

Doh! I just ordered one from AliExpress.

I will taunt @straightwire with it!
I’ll bring it to his house and leave it there.


They have it listed as Eversolo DMP-A6 Network Player ES9038Q2M. In description it refers to it as Master Edition. Listed as $1299. I see the regular edition is listed as android, for some reason. Have you used AliExpress before?
I have been communicating with Eversolo directly to find a source. They mentioned a place out of Chicago call Saturday Audio.

Yeah, I have used Ali quite a few times.
In the what are you shopping for I entered “Eversolo DMP-A6” and it listed 8 sources.
I picked from the zidoo Official Store. I am not too worried about it.
I was thinking of springing for the upgrade model, but I am adverse to spending money on Audio gear.

I love this quote from the Review I posted above:

"The best streamer I ever heard was the Grimm MU1. I doesn’t do any of the “connect” things, and only works with Roon to stream yet it costs $14,000. The second best I heard was the Innuos Statement, streamer only for $15k+. "

I already have the Grimm. I guess I don’t have to worry about Innuos.


I just checked Amazon and today they have the standard version listed. Nothing for the Master Edition.

Rats. I Tried Amazon a few hours ago and I couldn’t find it. Bah.

I ordered one this AM from Amazon been looking for days finally posted overnight. Delivery right here in The Land Of Sy Blue Krausening. Certainly Top Of The Fads, I’ll be cabling it to replace my Elcaset.

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