InnuOS owners, 2.3 version available

Innuos owners that are using Sense App, 2.3 version is now available.

Improvements made to the Backup feature, please refresh your backup after upgrading to version 2.3.0

MQA Software decoding support
Added option to download purchased music from Qobuz
Option to disable syncing Qobuz and TIDAL with the Music Library
New integrated view for managing streaming services
Added option to play Artist Mix
Added option to play shuffle an Album
Added option to not sync purchased music from Qobuz
Ability to play All Top Tracks for Streaming Services
Added HD logo for multiformat albums with HighRes tracks
Player settings now save settings per DAC
Improved support for NAS drives with case-insensitive filesystems
Faster album cover and track file scanning
General performance and stability improvements
General UI and UX improvements

Fixed the assisted mode CD ripping issue
Fixed issue where backup would take longer then expected time to finish due to an issue with the thumbnail generation routine
Fixed issue where loading animation would not stop when adding tracks to the Music Library in specific situations
Fixed an issue where a Smart Mix would neer end loading on large libraries
Fixed issue and improved app resilience when external (Streaming Services) errors occur
Fixed issue that prevented the player from connecting when there was no DAC present
Fixed issue where server task would never end in Network players
Fixed issue where offline NAS drives would cause incorrect messages
Fixed filter persistence when returning to a results page from an Album or playlist
Fixed issue in the Now Playing on mobile, where track info stopped working
Fixed issue when returning from an unsaved home page edit
Fixed visual glitch where albums with long titles would be overlapped
Fixed issue in the streaming service login card when the streaming service was unavailable
Fixed issue that prevented radio from being available when streaming services produced errors
Fixed issue that prevented M2Tech DACs from being configured


We recommend refreshing your backup after the update, so it contains the latest changes to the backup format.


Thanks for the update. Was this released today? I tend to wait until the dust settles prior to installing the updates. Have two INNUOS at the moment ZEN and ZENith both Mk 3.


You are a wise guy! I already installed it. It seems working without issues, fingers crossed!

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I am glad you are enjoying it! I think I’ll leave well enough alone for the time being. I’m still enjoying the new ZEN with previous firmware version. I ended up buying it as a streamer and got a server in the bargain. Very happy with the decision. It replaced my BlueSound Node 2i, which was great for casual listening and exploring new releases. The ZEN really opens things up beyond what I expected in our den stereo system.

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Thank you for the info. I will upgrade it. I am so happy with Innuos Sense APP. I retired Roon.


I was either cheap or patient but stuck it out for the Sense App, never pursued Roon. Glad I did at this point. I admit it was a wait, but that’s what vinyl is for, 8>)

Please do let us know how you like the upgrade.

Thank you. I will.

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