Innuos Sense vs. ROON

Is the Sense APP good enough to rival ROON (im hoping so).
Has anyone sued both?
Ive also heard Sense has better associated sound quality ?

I prefer running my ZENith Mk3 sans Roon. Sonically it is slightly more open than Roon. The comparison was done a long time back. I listen to music and can do without the Roon Meta Data. I’d like to think your local Innuos dealer could arrange a comparison demo for you.

How bout function?
Esp for a large Library?

I evaluated for sonics and walked from Roon. Not much more to add.

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guess that says it all.
Thank you
will be nice to dump Roon

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My ZENith Mk3 2TB is full and Innuos Sense doesnot leave me wanting for accessing my library.

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I’ve used both, Roon and I think any difference may depend more on whether you use DSP and cabling set-up. I don’t use DSP and my cabling is fibre and very simple, with just one switch. The Lumin devices have Qobuz onboard, which should be he best option, but I’ve got to the point where I can’t hear and don’t care about any differences, real or imaginary.

IME with Innuos stuff (ZENith MK III, PhoenixUSB, PhoenixNET and Statement NextGen) Sense sounds better than Roon, sonically speaking and the difference in my personal environment is not subtle. I simply like more the music, more engaging and natural, even more realistic and pleasant to listen to.
No DSP or any kind of other functions in my habits.
Roon is by far more complete as app, very functional and attractive and rich of contents.
Before owning Innuos I used Roon, and I liked it so much.
But I’m a digital and audiophile newbie, follow the experts and you ears!


thank you Luca.
Ive ordered an Innuous Pulsar. Hoping to to get rid of Roon. Sounds as this may be possible and if things sound better then all the better


I agree with Luca. I used Roon and absolutely loved it for over a year. Ran across a post one day where someone said Sense sounded better than Roon. Compared very critically for a week and chose Sense for the best audio. Even as much as I loved Roon, I just couldn’t go back to using it knowing I was giving up sound quality.

But definitely try it for yourself. You may find the differences small enough to not give up Roon, as Roon is very good and a joy to use.

Good luck!


Let us know as soon as you receive it.

This does make a bit of sense (not pun intended). Lets is always better. Loosing the core and all the network junk it adds. Guessing there may be things you “could” do to make Roon better, but if you have an Innous or one of the other high end all in one units, why bother. Unless you really like Roon. I fall in the later but would love to do the a test if I had the spare case…

Good luck with the Pulsar, I think you will be mighty pleased with it.

I bought the Roon lifetime membership when it was available. In short, I would be lost without Roon, and never thought about a sound deficit or alternative. Maybe that’s because I use HQPlayer and upsample everything to DSD256.

Smart move picking up ROON early on with the Lifetime membership offer. Not having it I don’t know what I am missing on a daily basis, other than without it I may concentrate on the music versus meta data.

I have Innuos and Roon. I use the Innuos as a Roon Core. It is in another room, and connected over about 40m of fibre cable. The modem is connected directly to the same TPLink SFP switch to which the two fibre cables are plugged in.

The media converter at the Lumin end uses a SoTM battery pack, so is not connected to the mains.

So using Innuos as a Roon Core does not have to add a lot of “network junk”, and I don’t use any DSP.

I can run Roon Core on another server and use Sense via uPnP to Lumin. This does not involve any change in the connections, simply changing the operating mode of Innuos.

I could of course spend another $6,000 and get a Lumin P1 with fibre optic input, which is a lot of money given in the current set-up the fibre conversion works well and cost $250.

The Lumin does upsampling. I’m trying it on PCM, I can say I notice any immediate difference.

Forgetting the mobile ARC thing, Roon does so many things and it does them all brilliantly, it’s in a league of its own. Multi-room functionality is great, grouping, file management, search facilities, filtering, even metadata. I think people sometimes knock Roon for sound quality because it’s the only thing you could criticise, but if set up well there is no reason it should not sound as good as anything else.

I paid 1 year and then lifetime. Happy bunny.

There is a helpful article from Copper, here:

The article from 2015 that got me going on fibre:

As brilliant as it might be it can’t handle my library and it’s support model is terrible
So bad taste in this Roon users mouth that I’d love to get rid of.
(Lots $$$ spent trying to get it to work and I feel competent support would have helped lessen this)
So hoping the Innuos will allow me to move on
I do realize I’m in a very small minority of users who Roon doesn’t work for

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I’ve never had any problems with my library.

I’ve never needed to use Roon support.

I understand Roon support was overwhelmed by ARC because they designed a system that is dependent upon networks, wifi and broadband services over which they have no control and there were bound to be a huge number of problems. I never went near it.