Input name / number


Weird one indeed. If you can recall the DS Junior has 7 input options, all of which have been numbered and can be seen in the small light blue display.

Could you tell me which was no. 3 please? Meaning You’ve got XLR, you had USB (I believe numbered “4”), digital coax, even Auto (I believe numbered “6”), the Bridge (“7”). I’ve just noticed yesterday the option no. 3 has disappeared from the sceen and it no longer tells you what it is.

Could you tell me which one “3” was and if there’s anything firmware wise (installed Torreys the day it came out and have done nothing else since) I can do to have the input option corresponding to 3 back in the screen? That’s be much appreciated.

Happy New Year everyone btw!

  1. XLR

  2. Coax

  3. TOSLink/Optical

  4. USB

  5. I2S(1)

  6. Auto

  7. Bridge

Does pressing “TOS” on the remote select input 3?

I don’t know of a feature or failure mode that would hide a given input, but Dennis is the last word there. If powering down for a little and then powering back up doesn’t fix things, you try loading the original DS Jr software and then reloading Torreys.

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I have not seen this issue. I have a DSjr at home, but I mostly use USB or the bridge. Yes try the remote and see what it does. Also try power cycling. Let me know if things change.


Hi Ted,

Yes, hitting “3” on the remote does select Input 3. Oddly enough it says 3 alone without showing “what that is”, as opposed to XLR, Coax, USB, I2S, Auto and the Bridge which are indeed shown right beside their respective numbers.

I did power cycle, several times. Also used a thumbdrive, loaded DSJ original then reloaded Torreys and ... no joy.
Weird stuff huh. Doesn't really matter as I tend not to use Toslink but still.

Shall I take a quick picture?

That is strange - We’ll keep our eyes open for possible causes. It won’t affect the FPGA or the sound quality, but I don’t know what it could be.

Try resetting the defaults. Hold the logo button in when you power it up. And then it will ask to reset defaults, press the selection button.