DS Jr - Input Renaming

I’m having an issue with the DSJr not remembering the input name after a reboot. I had inadvertently changed the ethernet input name to AA. I’ll go into the menu to rename it and it is fine as long as I don’t reboot the unit. This has happened numerous times.

Any ideas?

Not sure if it’s the exact same case but something similar happened/s to me. Soon after purchasing my DSjs the input name for Optical “disappeared” on my and all I see there is the input’s number.

Not a problem as I don’t use Optical therefore I don’t get to see that often, but it is puzzling and has stayed the same irrespective of firmware upgrades, from how the Jr came stock to Redcloud.

Would love to be able to write “Optical” on that input at least to have everything look right and feed my obsessive-compulsive behavior :wink:

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Weird, I’ve never heard this before. Only reason this would happen is if you’re resetting the unit. Also, it might happen if you’re flashing the software every time. Reach out to our service team, and they’ll have some trouble shooting ideas. service@psaudio.com


@jamesh Thank you. I have sent the service group an e-mail. I’ll post what I learn about this

@efete give renaming the input a try. Maybe it will stay saved for you

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