Intel NUC problems

As a last resort I am asking the members her for any advice. I have a small Intel PC, the only outputs on it are USB. I have a good Audioquest USB cable fitted, as a go between the Stellar Gain Cell dac/pre and the PC. I have Audirvana on the PC to play all my FLAC files (ripped CD’s). during the last windows update, I noticed the speaker/volume icon, had a red cross on it, and no sound when watching a U Tube clip or when using Audacity. I have reinstalled the PS driver, and Audirvana works fine, BUT no other sound, (Spotify as well) Its missing a audio something, as it shows a ? in the Device Manager. I have tried to use the system restore, but for some reason the restore point I made the other week (where everything was working OK) is not listed. Apart from doing a clean install, is there anything else I can look at, as getting a fresh install will mean loosing all my things, I have them backed up on a NAS , and future updates may cause the problem to happen again. Are there any other PS drivers apart rom the one I have? Thanks
Peter (UK)

Hello Peter,
Just to confirm, when you ask the restore screen to select other restore points, nothing is there? If not, then you may have to go the route of reinstallation.
Personally, I had challenges with my PC a few weeks ago. In the recovery screen, I agreed to lose applications but not files. So, Windows downloaded a fresh copy from MS servers, auto installed it, and things were straightened after that. Of course, I had to reinstall all applications but the machine feels fresh and is quite agile now.

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It could be something where the audio is set to exclusive mode. This may help. What is exclusive-mode in Windows Audio Playback Devices? – Solid State Logic Help Centre

Also, check to make sure Audirvana isn’t in exclusive mode. I’ve had the Tidal app do some weird things and not let me increase the volume on my computer. If I remember right, I had to enable volume leveling. This was over a year ago so my memory is foggy at best.

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I have the same computer, and i use windows 7, maybe if you use windows 7 the problem is gone? i myselft have not problem of any at all with windows 7!

Ps.have you try use a restore point för example a restore point weeks ago?

In device manager, right click the “?” and tell it uninstall. Afterwards, reboot the NUC and when it comes up, recheck. If still “?” right click and tell it update driver and let it auto search. But do an uninstall and reboot first.

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Many thanks for that, will give it a try, but think I have looked at that. Anyway, just heard from my PC wizard, and he is popping across tomorrow, he reckon I have a driver either missing or not wanting to play ball… will see


I sorted it by uninstalling the PS Windows USB driver, rebooting, then re installing it. Now have U Tube (so I can watch and hear what Paul has to say) and Spotify, for the “other half” :smiley: :smiley:

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Congratulation! Worth a broad smile, ain’t it? May be a jump for joy too.