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was just reading this on the twitter hellsite:

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Check out this article from USA TODAY:

‘I miss him all the time’: Lady Gaga on her emotional final album, shows with Tony Bennett

Short but very sweet interview.


Cool! Gonna have to check that out at some point.

Great Idea.
Nothing like sharing good music with like minded folks in a relaxed setting.

Definitely let us know your impressions after your visit.

Darren and I are already planning how we can go in there and be know-it-all nuisances🤠

While absolutely loving the concept, of course.

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Great concept, a friend and I just discussed the Kissas concept with thought of introducing it to Madison. The concept would be similar, but providing for patrons to bring vinyl. We’d lean towards SET amplification, or at least tubes, and higher efficiency speakers. I doubt a Garrad 401 would be in the cards, too pricey. Maybe a pair of Technics turntable. The concept would be art gallery, coffee and possibly wine and/or whiskeys. Gib’s on Willy Street would be a mode for us. What with the COVID pandemic and local establishments attempting spin your vinyl events with marginal success we would proceed with caution. Now maybe we could model one after an Amsterdam coffee shop. I look forward to hearing of your experience with it as well. Also the establishment’s measures to ensure the vinyl stays in the library.

Gib’s Bar

There also is a great little diner in the Logan Square neighborhood that offers a similar scaled down concept. Lots of fun to be sure!

Same Day Diner

Looks like an 845 above one of the speakers at this place. Not sure if it is onamental or actually powering the speakers.

Let us know what you find out. Possibly a Line Magnetic? If it is an 845 SET or similar with constant use I’d personally would want additional head space over it to dissipate the heat. Bring a P15 with you to clean things up!

I’ve posted this before. Spent several months on “The Rock” Okinawa during the late 70s at Kadena AFB (Electronic Warfare tech on the SR-71). A notorious night club street, BC Street, was just outside of Gate 2. There were two clubs there based upon this theme: Sgt. Pepper and Abbey Road. I found a mention and picture of the outside of Sgt. Pepper (link below). I don’t really remember this sign but do remember the club was at the top of a steep set of stairs. They were really great clubs to visit before and after visiting some of the other entertainment on BC street. I have lots of fond memories of both places but preferred the smaller of the two clubs Abbey Road. The idea always made sense to me but figured it was just a time and place thing. They both featured all Japanese gear of the day and thousands of LP choices.


Not necessarily an article, but came across these short books. Some look interesting…


Thanks for reminding me of this series, made me realize there were newer titles of interest. I read a couple of them a while back and really enjoyed them. A buddy had read a few and recommended reading a few Amazon reviews before purchasing a specific title. Each book is written by a different author with a different approach to the subject.

The only two I’ve read are the 33 1/3 books for: Public Enemy It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, and The Beastie Boys Paul’s Boutique. Two of my favorite Hip Hop titles that are very dense with samples. Both books took a very deep dive into the creation and assembly of each song. The Public Enemy book took it a step further by connecting the context of the historical spoken word samples to current issues at the time of the recording.

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Well, it’s more a video ‘article’ but wasn’t sure where else to put it…

Just came across this:


I started a separate link earlier on the very same topic.

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And I thought tmcqueen had the collecting bug bad. Check out this stash of 5 million 45’s . . .

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Showed that picture to my wife and reminded her we have plenty more wall space for records! :laughing:


Read at your own risk:

Quote - But there are other cultural reasons for the cassette’s resurgence. In the ’80s, people made mixtapes—usually collections of their favorite tunes by an artist or within a genre—that they often shared with friends and crushes. Some folks still have those tapes, buried deep in a box in the basement, and they might want to relive the joy of hearing Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love” mashed up against Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” or Van Halen’s “Panama.” Or perhaps their kids want to feel the tactile thrill of playing music by slipping a physical object into a pastel-colored player full of mysterious moving parts—an experience that Spotify and YouTube can’t replicate. - Unquote
:rofl: :joy:

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