hello does the PWT have its own internal clock?? This is useful if used with other dacs.


Why? you don’t own a watch?

It would not help much since every time the power went out it would flash and need to be reset.

alrainbow said: . . . does the PWT have its own internal clock?

Yes. For example, the I2S format sends a timing signal which can serve as the master if the receiving DAC can operate as a slave.

However, it does not have a word clock out, and most consumer DACs do not have an external word clock in.


Ok so once Arian I did not pose my question correctly, I really need to put more time into questions sorry.

As for the reasoning in the question , I have been busy reading and noticed some players have internal clocks as an option. And the option was for dac,s other there own. And that is why I asked the question. It seemed a little odd to have a clock and I thought most dac,s up sample or something and have there own clock as part of the reclocking process.


Al D


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Elk has the answer. The PWD does have it’s own internal clock but you cannot control other dacs with it’s clock. As for the I2S, I can’t say whether any other device than the PWT will synch with the PWD. Elk may know (Paul does!). Connecting by ethernet, USB, toslink or spdif will not affect the PWD’s internal clock.

What Elk is saying about a consumer DAC is that professional DACs allow the ability to synch up with an entire chain of devices in the studio but home dacs do not have this feature.


Yup! What he said.


Yes be leave it or not that part I know. In a studio setting there would be a master clock that is used with the inputs of all the equipment . Ok thanks

Al D