PWT SACD internal fuses?

The manual says "Performance can be improved by replacing the internal fuses with high-end aftermarket fuses . . . "

Is this true? Are there fuses inside the unit other than the fuse on the back?


I believe the PWT only has an internal fuse.
The DMP only has an external fuse.

If it were not true…it would have said as much…
Paul would have said otherwise…

Best wishes

If there are additional fuses internally, I’m surprised that I haven’t come across any discussion of fuse rolling. Has anyone experimented with these fuses? How many are there and what are the values? Does the cover pop open in the same way as the DS DAC?

Incidentally, are we all talking about the same machine? I mean the new Perfectwave SACD transport.

The PST. That’s what I meant to say.

OK, and now I see in another thread that it as only the external fuse.

the names get confusing…

Yup, and it seems I was looking at the wrong manual entirely. Oh, well.