Internet Radio on PWD MKII with Bridge II

I have internet radio on the Synology NAS I run, but I cannot get it to play via the PWD. Stored music plays just fine, but the radio gives just silence. I have confirmed the radio is playing via computer speakers. Any suggestions? Thanks.

How are you trying to play it on the PWD? Your computer won’t send sound out it unless there is a path established. So, if you have a Bridge installed in the PWD you’ll be able to do what you want if you use the right control app.

Let us know how you’re trying to do this.

If there is a way to get internet radio via the Bridge, I would really like to know about it.

The mcontrol app appears to support vTuner but it does not work. Dennis explained in another thread that vTuner is not actually supported on the Bridge.

Are there other options that don’t require a Windows or Mac computer? (Like markdkelly, I normally play from a Synology NAS. I can get radio via foobar2000, but that requires a Windows computer that is usually not turned on.)

I’ve been getting what I call internet radio through JRiver. They have as standard a feature called “Connected Media” which has several options which include “Public Radio Fan” and “SOMA FM”. You can also add your own links. The bad news (for me and a few others) is the JRemote app does not work with iOS 10, and it’s not clear if JRiver will correct this problem, at least in a timely fashion.

I encourage you to post on the JRiver site under REMOTES about any JRemote problems you’re having. Hopefully they will eventually respond or acknowledge the issues.

If you use Roon I believe they have a radio tuner option for internet radio too.

I was trying to use Synology’s Audio Station app, which can send stored Flacs to the bridge successfully via Ethernet. I was only able to get the radio function to work via the pwd usb b input. I hope that information helps!

I use Roon as well but am not aware of any internet radio option. The “radio” button on Roon plays similar songs from one’s own library database as far as I know.

From the Roon website, 1.2 is capable of streaming internet radio

markdkelly said I was trying to use Synology's Audio Station app, . . . I was only able to get the radio function to work via the pwd usb b input.
Thank you Mark. I tried Audio Station when I first got my Synology but soon moved on because of Audio Station's lack of flexibility in using the metadata in my classical music files. I never tried the radio function, if it even existed in the version I looked at 3 years ago. I will look at it again and post back here if I have success with it via the Bridge.

Okay it’s been awhile and I have also been looking for an answer to the question of using only the BridgeII as a source for internet radio and streaming services.

I bought the DS DAC and BridgeII almost a year ago but have it installed it. Why, well because I don’t want to give up my great streaming of the Cambridge Stream Magic. I can surf the internet radio stations from my phone, stream Pandora and play off my NAS, no frigging PCs thanks I am on them all day and should not be needed to access the NAS or Internet.

I am sure the music will sound much better with PS DS.

Should I just hook up an optical cable between the Cambridge and DS? Cutting and pasting internet radio urls reallypulling-hair_gif sorry that was an awesome gif.

Will PS make a streamer? I guess the Aurreder A10 or other better streamer will work but I thought I was just replacing my cambridge not asding more decices.

P.S. Paul if you see this I do enjoy the magazine and posts. I always look forward to the email for the next topic/posting. Your vids are very educational, you do have a sense of humour for sure.

I too have been considering the BHK line for a new amplifier, guess I should take care of my digital situash first24_gif

My system is: Audio Research SP8, Accuphase p370, Furtech 15i, VPI Scout, JBL L100 w/custom crossovers, WD NAS, Cambridge Stream Magic 6, PS Directstream DAC and BridgeII


The Bridge II is a streaming module with Internet radio capabilities. Hook it up and try it. If you intend to use your phone as the control device make sure you download the correct version of Mcontrol or Mconnect for the orientation you want to use on the phone.

To expand slightly on dawkinsj ‘s post, Mcontrol has vTuner built-in so you can stream internet radio through it. I will add to the list of folks who say Mcontrol is pretty poor app, but for vTuner it’s fine.