Listening to Internet radio on a Directstream Jr.?

Anyone use a DSJ to listen to internet radio (FM) stations?. If so, how does one go about doing this?


You can use mconnect but if I were to do it (I currently don’t stream internet radio much), I’d plug in an Apple TV and use Airplay to stream to the Apple TV or Airport Express connected to the DS jr.

You should be able to use the USB connection to do this. You might have to change the default for the audio. This would need to be done if you are getting audio from the speakers in the computer once you connect the USB cable. This would be somewhere in the set-up in the audio menus.

Just use vTuner with MControl and the Bridge. No need for USB or outside devices.

What player do you use?

I use Foobar… got plugins for it. It is clunky as Foobar is for techies… but you can do it. “Google Foobar Internet Radio”

Bruce in Philly

I have to agree with dawkinsj. Vtuner w/MControl and a Bridge works great, and better yet, sounds fantastic with the stations I listen to.

You can also use BubbleUPnP on Android or Roon on PC/Mac.