Is internet radio using the Bridge & a tablet limited to vTuner?

I recently installed a Bridge II in my DS and enjoy the independence from a computer. I have a question about streaming internet radio to the Bridge from a tablet using mConnect or other app: Is there way to stream specific URLs to the Bridge (not using a computer) or am I limited to the vTuner’s presets? For example, Radio Paradise has 3 lossless FLAC streams but these are not available in vTuner. There is probably a simple answer to this?


Somehow you have to get a program or controller that can access specific URL streams and I am not sure which one might do that. I haven’t played too much with internet radio. Vtuner is what’;s included in MConnect, but Bridge II is a DLNA capable streaming
device so any controller with DLNA capabilities will work. Perhaps others have some suggestions?

Thanks Paul. I have tried a number a DLNA controllers/apps but have yet to find one that will stream music from a URL. If anyone knows of an app that might accomplish this, please let me know.


Sorry, can’t tell you how to do (don’t remember and don’t have it in front of me) it but JRiver/JRemote will do it. I have a category set up for just such a thing with a half dozen URLs assigned such as WWOZ. Works fine and I can select it from my remote devices (ipad and iphone). Unlike many here, I’m a big JRiver/Jremote fan along with the Bridge II.

As an aside, I made a major mistake with my precious music last night. Temporally lost about 1200 songs on my favorites list of around 2200 songs (this list is much of my musical life). Between JRiver back-ups of playlists and settings and my backing up of music, I was able to fully recover everything. JRiver is somewhat complex but nothing like Foobar 2000.

Thanks for info on Jriver. Does this app work without having a computer running Jriver, or wothout another music server on the local network?

Looks like you’re trying to run the system without the need for a computer or additional box, but ROON’s internet radio feature actually works really well.

Yes! I am preparing for the eventual retirement of the old mac mini :slight_smile:

Sorry, the computer must be running. JRiver lives on the computer and JRemote just controls JRiver on the computer.