iOS and the Sprout's DAC

I just received my Sprout tonight and have been impressed with the initial experience. I’m streaming lossless files over bluetooth in two ways and am noticing audible difference in quality. First, using JRiver Media Center on my Mac Mini, I connect directly via bluetooth. It sounds fantastic doing this! However, the second route I’m taking is using my iPhone 6, which has JRemote (JRiver’s iOS app). This streams the songs from my music server to my iPhone via wifi, then I am connecting that to Sprout over bluetooth. Going this route, I notice a drop in speed and impact in the way music is delivered. There’s just a bit less life. I’m wondering if going the latter route is causing the audio files to go through the iPhone’s 6 DAC instead of being processed by the Wolfson DAC in the Sprout. Any thoughts?

The reason I want to stream through my phone is because the music server is two rooms away, just a bit too far to access over bluetooth. Using my phone allows me to transmit the files using that distance. Thanks!

Welcome, thiefoflight

If I recall correctly, Apple phones do not support AptX and use a version of Bluetooth which defaults to less fidelity as a result of lower bitpool. I do not recall the specifics. That is, the iThingee is degrading the signal.

But repeating a Bluetooth signal may itself cause degradation as well.

Oh, so that’s what AptX is. I thought it was a new codec for audio like MP3. Makes sense. It’s unfortunate, but good to know. Thanks for the quick reply!