TIDAL and Sprout


TIDAL went live in the U.S. this week offering 44-16 lossless streaming. I’m wondering about the resolution of bluetooth streaming from an iPhone/iPad to Sprout. Will it support lossless streaming like this?


In principle it should work perfectly. If you stream over the USB Audio input to Sprout it will easily manage 44.1/16 PCM streams. Your computer must be configured not to mess with the data stream coming from the streaming source but I don’t think that’s a tall order either. Keep in mind, however, that if you opt to stream over Bluetooth, it would probably be mostly pointless to pay the premium for TIDAL unless you assured that your computer supports the AptX codec. Even then it would be iffy (IMO). Note that neither the iPad nor the iPhone supports AptX. In fact, the iPhone / iPad devices support the A2DP standard SBC codecs as well as AAC (like AptX, an optional codec). Since Sprout (as far as I can tell) supports SBC (it has to) as well as AptX, the default will be the (generally poorly regarded) SBC codec with i-Devices. Apple OSX supports AptX.

Short answer:

  1. Yup should probably work fine.
  2. Unless you are prepared to stream over USB Audio I wouldn't spend the money (20/month) for TIDAL if your primary listening environment was the Sprout.


What about Tidal and the DirectStream? PS Audio are mentioned as Integration partners on the Tidal website, I’m wondering if there are plans to have DS connect to the Tidal service via the network bridge.

oops, never mind, I found it mentioned in the general discussion forum. Looks like the answer is perhaps, but later rather than sooner.


Since the Tidal service is dependent on online streaming I would guess the integration with the DS has to be done on the Bridge II side.