iPhone iOS7 Camera Connection Kit-Now your iPhone is a Hi Res Transport!


I recently hopped on to head-fi.org to see what was going on. and to my surprise, the lastest iOS update (iOS7) from Apple allows for the use of the CCK to extract zeros and ones from a iphone running iOS7.

So now you can do this:

iPhone w iOS7/CCK/usb cable/usb DAC

the big thing is running any portable DAC/amp combo, and yes it is being done, but there is USB bus power limitations, hence the use of external battery packs in some applications. Definately function over form here.

But just as you may have used your iPad with the CCK directly into a PWD, you can now do that with your iPhone running iOS7.

This morning I installed Ampliflac app on my iphone. It is now playing Naim Label’s 192kHz high res album ‘Meet Me in London’ just fine.

have fun…


Thanks for interesting info :slight_smile:


I use tuneshell with my iPhone for flac. I will see if it works the same way. Nice to know!