IR extender for PS products

I have the new perfectwave sacd transport and the Perfectwave DAC stacked on top of my Rogue RP-5 preamp on top of a heavy record cabinet on the sidewall of my livingroom. It all sounds great but I do have a problem with remote controls on both the PS Audio products. The remote does not work on the PS Audio products unless I am directly in front of it and aim the remote carefully for it to work.

The Rogue remote works fine and is not all fussy. suspect the sensors on the PS Audio gear are to far recessed and don’t “see” the remote unless your in front of it and dead on with your aim. Do they offer an IR extend that would allow the PS remote to work right?

You probably thought of this but replacing the batteries in the remote could help.

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I have a setup similar to yours. I point the remote at about a 45° angle relative to the components (where 90° would be straight on). The BHK pre, PST, and DS DAC all work well this way; very occasionally I do have to press the remote a second time.

In fact, one of the improvements in the PST as compared to its predecessor the DMP is a more sensitive IR receiver— at least that’s what I experienced after trading up to the new transport.

What 'Ive found helps is to put a 8" sq Mylar mirror stock on the opposite wall and aim the remote at that. That Mylar sheet assumes a slightly convex shape and that seems to spread the beam from the remote and it lines up well with the component IR sensors. I find it’s best to hold the remote at a 45 degree angle to something is sensitive to the beams polarization. This works about 2/3’s of the time so sometimes it takes a couple of tries.

I have two remotes that came with the DAC and Transport and both pretty much work the same. As I said before the Rogue RP5 and it’s remote just work

I must be the only Control4 user on the forum.

I got four sitting unused at the last property we acquired And a box of remotes. I need to research how they work.

Once properly configured, it’s quite nice to use.

As with most third party remote systems you can’t replicate 100% of the OEM remote. But, at least for me, I rarely use all of the functions.

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I have similar problem going around corners with remotes. I would like the following functionality:

Point the remote at the repeater, which is line of sight to both remote and device, and be able to use the remote as if it was line of sight directly.
Similar to banking a pool ball. Like this: >

One repeater, power cord.