Top and Remote Replacement For PerfectWave Dac

Hi There,

I’ve just received a PerfectWave Dac mkii from a family friend without a remote and the top is very bad marked with deep scratches is possible to still source a replacement for these?


Just call PS Audio customer service and they will fix you up. I believe the remote is $15.


Thats a little difficult because im on the other side of the world in NZ.


Maybe try emailing @jamesh
He might make it less difficult.

I’ve just sent him an email @

Is that the correct address?

That is correct. James is good about getting back to folks.

Yes, both are available if you want to contact our service department.

We do still have the top and remote available. Getting them to you in NZ may be a little difficult but I’m sure we’ll find a way. I’ll respond to your email in a bit and add the proper team members that will be able to get this ball rolling.