Is a Ethernet connection necessary for a low noise floor?

Due to practical considerations I am compelled to use a Wi-Fi connection with my Eversolo A6 ME streamer. I suspect my noise floor could be better. I’ve done the easy things like a better power cord and addressing vibration isolation. Is there something else that I could try? Mostly I read about switches and cable upgrades but these only are options when using a Ethernet connection right

I use WiFi, but I use a satellite (node) with Ethernet connection to the streamer, and this lag is where you can apply switches, filters, and tweaks. Every little thing I added here all have impact to SQ (not always positive too) For example, I found using a quality PS and PC for the satellite has impact on the sound also.

In other words, you can hardwire from the router to streamer directly and achieve better SQ than WiFi if you implement the above methods, I believe.if router is far away from the streamer then consider including a fiber optic link in between too.

This is speaking from my own experience. Others may have different views.

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Sorry for being such a knucklehead but what is a “satellite (node)”? Also, I forgot to mention that I was leaning towards getting a linear power supply but I just couldn’t justify sending the switching PS to the landfill with so many feeling that the sonic benefits were minimal-nonexistent, especially when the internal DAC is taken out of the equation.

It’s a fancy WiFi extender.

Teeing off now so no posting for the next 4 hr

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The simple answer is no in relation to noise. If you introduce a hard wired connection you introduce noise that requires steps and money to remove. So if your WiFi works stick with it. Avoid rabbit holes you don’t want to pay to navigate.

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Without using any network infrastructure for my audio, I’ve had a guest who could easily hear a change in the audio based on whether my laptop Wi-Fi was powered on (I watched his face while I turned the Wi-Fi on and off, he didn’t know that I was doing anything.) Just having a mobile phone, cordless phone, notebook, etc. in the room you might be causing a little interference. Still the convenience to me is worth the slight loss in audio quality.


Straight from the mouth of the great audio guru himself Ted Smith. When reading the many posts here on this subject it’s easy to get the impression that lowering the noise floor in streaming is the yellow brick road leading to streaming nirvana. I can live with a loss in audio quality, I guess, if it’s truly slight.

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I’ve brought this up many times in the past but yesterday when I started this thread my system (streaming) sounded really mediocre. This morning it’s phenomenal! No issues with noise floor or anything for that manner. One of life’s mysteries.

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