Is I2S Still The Best Connection?

Just found out about this an hour ago(I’ve been concentrating on guitars and photography)and really want to keep my Oracle CD2000 transport.

The DirectStream will be much less sensitive to cables and the particular mode of connection than we’re used to. There’s no reason that I2S won’t still be a fine connection, but there won’t be as big of a “penalty” for using other inputs like S/PDIF, AES/EBU or USB… Clicking from connection to connection all coming from the PWT there’s no noticeable difference.

@tedsmith the more I read the better I feel about the choice I made.

I have been meaning to ask this question. Will a P10 /5 make a noticible improvement or I’ll effect . The same question regarding ps audio power cords . Ac 5 10 / 12 ?


Boy, I know I did a fairly good job of lower jitter sensitivity. But the DirectStream power sensitivity isn’t quite as low as I’d like. Clearly if when we decided to change a power transformer in the box the boards aren’t as power insensitive as I wanted. I’d hope that I’m less sensitive than some of your equipment, but I know that filtering power makes a difference almost always.

Ok cool and thanks . I have one more question. I use the power plants on everything now. And it does improve all . I have another dac besides the Pwd and I posed the question to a company tech before I used it with a power plant. His answer was puzzling . He said it will not hurt things , but as the dac is all about timing and clocks inside. And he was reluctant to say yes due to clocks inside the power plant. I also emailed Paul and did a post here about it. Everyone I asked here said yes. Now if you leave this forum the story quickly changes . And I do not know enough to fight back. I do know it improves every device I connect it to. In my office I have a 4 gen plasma 7 years old. Wow how it improves it. I did a post and imediatly I get replys the plasma is polluting the power lines and it will effect the rest of the equipment .

Any thoughts on all of this .?


I’m not quite sure I understand the question but that’s never stopped me before :slight_smile:

If you plug multiple devices into one power conditioner they interact with each other more than if they were in separate power conditioners. I don’t know how much isolation there is from one output to another in a power plant: but I would agree that plugging a plasma into the same power plant as other audio equipment probably isn’t the best sounding setup. I have a Monster… that I didn’t like a lot for audio, but it does improve my plasma. I also plug my Tivos into it (tho DirecTV always tell me not to use any power conditioners: their experience is that they get more service calls from people that use power strips than those that don’t.)

I use 8 dedicated lines back to my circuit breaker box for my audio system and they are possibly the most cost effective tweak I’ve done for my audio. Most people don’t have nearly as much random equipment than I do :slight_smile:

Maybe at some point I’ll get a bargain on some PS Audio power conditioners :slight_smile:

Hello and thanks for replying

And yes you have my point understood.

Now Paul says it does not matter as the output of the power plant is so low I does not matter

And honestly I have two P10 in the office rig

One does all the amps and front end stuff

And other does CPU s and other stuff like headphone amps.

The plasma and direct tv is on with the CPU power plant.

Now I have 4 circuits but only using 2 as all is going through power plants

I did have the amps going direct but it does sound better through power plants.

The part you did not answer is the clocks.

I was told all dacs get effected by external power with clocks as the power plant has them. However it too sounds better with the power plants

In multi wave.

And thanks again for always answering my questions


The clocks issue is very component specific. You ear will have to be the judge.

Ok and thanks.


tedsmith said: I use 8 dedicated lines back to my circuit breaker box for my audio system and they are possibly the most cost effective tweak I've done for my audio.

Very interesting remark, Ted! I'll soon build a new house ... I'll certainly keep this tip in mind.

Our electrician sort of catered to audiophiles and had some experience there.

We ran solid #10 for each circuit and some monster ground wire

We also really firmed up the grounding at the main power line inlet to the house. Two deep copper rods about a yard apart with a much bigger ground wire…

There are code issues which vary from place to place: here we’d need stranded wire between the outside of the house and the outlets or we’d have to put the wires in what ever they call that bendable metal snake tubing from the outside to the outlet. We did the later, one “snake” / outlet so we wouldn’t need a splice at the transition from the outside to the inside.

We also used upgraded outlets (I forget from whom, I’m sure you can spend as much as you want :slight_smile: )

It sounds like it’s done well ted. I am going to send you a paper I have come across . As I am an elecrtical contractor most of what we need for audio is what I have done for data centers. Some of the stuff I have done is understood by me , but not in nec code book or if it is , it’s way above what I care to know. Although I am an electrical PE I have always stood within my realm to make money and not beyond. The flex is green field and grounding is king for shure. I have a service of 100 amps to my office panel # 3 wire and # 4 gauge ground. Now at the panel 4 circuits all individual 3 conductor romex cables . But the grounds only go from panel to outlet boxes. A separate 6 gauge is a common ground to all 4 circuits and outlets . One continuese path . The outlets are 20 amp hospital grade isolated ground outlets . So the 6 gauge ground is pigtailed to all 4 circuits . Two outlets on each circuit. The breakers are 30 amps each and on the same phase for all. And that phase only does this audio power the other phase does every thing else in my office.

The romex is 10/2 romex. Paul’s outlets are excellent for the purpose as well.