Is multiwave or sinewave better for switching power supplies?

I have a p5 powering a chord mscaler and qtest dac , bluesound vault streamer and uptone audio ether regen. All are switching power supplies. The Multiwave seems more for linear power supplys. Can it help with switching power supplies?

I agree, I notice the MW improvement more with linear PS. I would test either way. I assume there won’t be a huge difference between the two. It certainly won’t hurt to try MW one evening, SW the next, and see which evening you preferred.

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Welcome @hnrsm!

I believe I heard more air and a larger soundstage with multiwave on 7. Didn’t expect that result. I’ve have the P300 and now use the P5. I found the P5 to close in the soundstage used with power amps. I’m using it with my jadis I50 integrated and find with p5 and without each have there pluses and minuses

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I’ve been trying my P3 on MW but keep going back to the standard SW with my CD, Pre & Power amp Linear power supplies. Top end seems to be more natural and open with it set to Sinewave!